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Midnight Whiskey Band  

Midnight Whiskey Band

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Los Angeles, CA

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The Midnight Whiskey Band has a following in the Southern California area.  Our musical policy is simply to present  authentic Rock and Pop sounds using material of the great Blues, Rock and Roll and R & B artists.  Our front line consists of guitar, vocals and harmonica (electric and acoustic) supported by a rhythm section of bass, piano and drums. We entertain both softly for dinner music and crank it up for the dancing crowds. 

Cancellation policy: Full refund up until 14 days prior to the gig date.



Marine Room Tavern more than a year ago

Great band, great energy!

Marine Room Tavern more than a year ago

Marine Room Tavern about 10 months ago

O.C. Craft Gastro Brew Pub about 6 months ago

Talented band! Thanks!

Marine Room Tavern about 5 months ago

Marine Room Tavern about 3 months ago