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Betsy Figueroa Tarot Reader
Betsy Figueroa Tarot Reader

Betsy Figueroa Tarot Reader


I am an intuitive tarot reader with over 10 years experience. Tarot reading is awesome for events its a very fun and unique experience for your guests. It's great for really any kind of party. I can set up a tent outside or indoors and I do events from 2-8 hours. I've been part of many psychic fairs and have done many parties and events. I have a ton of experience coming from NY I'm looking to start new in San Antonio., Call me for events such as Birthday Parties, girls night, weddings, bachelorette parties, showers, company parties really any party would enjoy this service.

Performance Types

Virtual Performance$250+
Doorstep Performance$300+
Private Party$600+
Corporate Function$1000+
Other Special EventTBD

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