Ahmad Abeezy


Meridian Native Ahmad Bell, known in the streets of Queen City as (link hidden)ezy a.k.a."CHEW JR", from giving the Streets, and Radio singles like "BLOW POP" & delivering a devastating blow with Producer Eric a.k.a. "BOSSBOYY" Revill & Artist "PAPARAZZI" September of 2010 with the feature on "SHE BAD" courtesy of S.D.E. "CHEW JR" was back on the scene and the movement finally had begun. Ahmad ABeezy has done a few tracks, at Hi Def studios, where he got plugged in with HipHop Engineer/Producer Eric "Bossboyy" Revill and needed some direction. Since then, Ahmad ABeezy has done music with not only rap itself, but also country-rap and some r&b, having his own outstanding unique voice.

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