Photographers & Videographers in New York

Don’t get stuck behind the camera and miss all the fun your next event. Leave the memory capturing to the professionals and actually enjoy the celebration you worked so hard to plan! You’ll be so glad you did.

Muhk Music

BG Productions
New York City, NY

An artist that dabbles in the realm of HipHop, Photography & Videography


About me
New York City, NY

I’m very versatile quick learner . I’m do music , fashion , acting and modeling . I am from Brooklyn New York .


Music Artist , Video Editor , Graphic Artist!!!!!!
New York City, NY

22 Years Young Rutgers University

Reshan Hangiligedara

Cinematographer/ Editor/ Photographer
New York City, NY

Highly motivated professional photographer and videographer with over 8 years of experience in various types of photography, videography, photo retouching, music videos, commercial and film. I take the craft of film making and photography to another level by mastering the latest equipment.

Christelle Chalupa

Filmmaker/ YouTuber/Graphic Designer
New York City, NY

My name is Christelle Chalupa. I’m 19 and a student NYFA and youtuber at New York. I film, edit, photograph, and design everything that comes in mind.


JaKurse CEO of DaKurse Entertainment
New York City, NY

Check out my passion and energy in my work so you know if you book me I will bring nothing but love and spark your event.


Joulez.Photos / Joulez_Photos / JoulezLopez
New York City, NY

Photographer - Freelance : Indoor / Outdoor / Studio / Live / Venue / Events

Jaymie Mohammed

Soul Writer
New York City, NY

Welcome to my world, Jay is the name story telling is the game. Indulge in my words and let me paint the picture in your head. Have you ever had a dream like a real dream, I am a proud dreamer that is willing to chase his dream by any means; become the best version of myself. Grew up in Brooklyn, New York where I learned how to be tough but being tough is not always the case. Sometimes self expression can go a long way. So again welcome to my Dreams and Stories.

Leandro Marte

Find & develop YOUR story through video & photos
New York City, NY

Currently Studying Cinema & Television at NYU Born & Raised in the Dominican Republic Moved to the U.S in 2010 in order to fulfill my purpose Traveled to 7+ countries all around the world

Sj Martinez Photography

Editorial, corporate and event photographer..
New York City, NY

I am an editorial and event photographer and my work includes photographing people and local culture to Award Ceremonies, Conferences, Executive Portraits, Headshots, Social Events, and Candid Portraiture.