Photographers & Videographers

Don’t get stuck behind the camera and miss all the fun your next event. Leave the memory capturing to the professionals and actually enjoy the celebration you worked so hard to plan! You’ll be so glad you did.

Coal Creative

What can I help you create?
Scranton, PA

What can we help your business create? We are a Full Service Internet Marketing Company with a Live Streaming Video Production Studio in Downtown Wilkes-Barre


Dad, Photographer, Videographer, Storyteller
Scranton, PA

From commercial product photography to portraits and events, I have found myself working in all markets of photography. "Make up your mind" they said, but i realized my passion was not necessarily to just shoot weddings but to tell stories. Capturing the emotions of a wedding day or Convaying the message of a brand, both allowed me to use images as a narrative. My goal is and always has been to tell your story in a unique, impactful way.

Michael Warner

Foot Woo Photographics Portrait and Event Photography
Scranton, PA

Nestled in the Pocono Mountains, Foot Woo is a full-service photography company. We pride ourselves on our fine art portraiture and the ability to preserve your event. Stop by our studio based in the historic Hawley Silk Mill.

Atlanta Mobile Photography

Atlanta mobile photography
Atlanta, GA

we the best

Vladimir Gutierrez

Miami, FL

Dominican from NYC.. I love capturing moments

Amber Shock/johnson Photography

Proffessional Photography

Associates in Applied Science in Commercial Photography-2006. Over 16 years experience in many photographic fields. Specialize in Archival and Photoshop as well as most Adobe programs. Shoot with DSLR and Film Cameras.

Kristel Louis (afroasiac)

Be a story teller with a story to tell .
Los Angeles, CA

Hi , my name is Kristel Louis I am an afrolatina ( hatian / dominican) raised in Dominican Rep and NyC . My passion for acting , writing and music came from my background. I come from a uniquely divided upbringing that taught me so much about life and love that I would love to share with the world. Afroasiac dating is my current project , love coaching is part of it. I strongly believe that the growing minority needs to stick together and I look foward to being a part of the change.

Muhk Music

BG Productions
New York City, NY

An artist that dabbles in the realm of HipHop, Photography & Videography

One Eyed Capture

I don’t just take a Simple picture.
Orlando, FL

My name is Lawston Roderick, Know as One Eyed Capture. Born and raised in Orlando Fl, I am 21 years old. I started photography at a very young age which was 11 years old. I am in no competition with any other photographer, I am with my self to bring out a different approach with the slightest angle, focus, and capture. I am the One Eyed Capture and hope a lot more people get to witness it once I show them what just One Eye is capable of once I close the other.

Kenni J

Multitalented, Young and Eager
Baltimore, MD

Good day. I am eager for the opportunity to assist you in any way possible. Through song, artistic classes, organization, acting, photography, etc. Art is my life and it breathes through me.