Photographers & Videographers

Don’t get stuck behind the camera and miss all the fun your next event. Leave the memory capturing to the professionals and actually enjoy the celebration you worked so hard to plan! You’ll be so glad you did.

Coal Creative

What can I help you create?
Scranton, PA

What can we help your business create? We are a Full Service Internet Marketing Company with a Live Streaming Video Production Studio in Downtown Wilkes-Barre


Dad, Photographer, Videographer, Storyteller
Scranton, PA

From commercial product photography to portraits and events, I have found myself working in all markets of photography. "Make up your mind" they said, but i realized my passion was not necessarily to just shoot weddings but to tell stories. Capturing the emotions of a wedding day or Convaying the message of a brand, both allowed me to use images as a narrative. My goal is and always has been to tell your story in a unique, impactful way.

Michael Warner

Foot Woo Photographics Portrait and Event Photography
Scranton, PA

Nestled in the Pocono Mountains, Foot Woo is a full-service photography company. We pride ourselves on our fine art portraiture and the ability to preserve your event. Stop by our studio based in the historic Hawley Silk Mill.


Dancer Looking For Work
Atlanta, GA

I’m currently 26 years of age & been dancing for 5 years. Graduated high school in 2011 & college in 2014. Not just only just my friends, but people who’ve ever came across me can describe as funny (goofy). Because I like to enjoy life to it’s fullest & it makes my day go by a lot smoother if I know I can put a smile on their face or at least get a laugh out of them. My dream period is to be in the film industry; from Acting to Dancing to Directing to Producing. My journey is not going to stop,

Samuel Jackson II

Multitalented Actor and Fitness Fashion model
Las Vegas, NV

I would introduce myself as the son of Samuel l Jackson but you might take me serious, plus I’m more important than that. I create video entertainment content for podcast, commercial marketing, exotic imports, music videos, shows and events My experience with acting, event hosting and videography gives me flexibility in the entertainment field. I have over 5 yrs experience with on set and background productions. I vibe so well with crowds and can travel for work.

the pure

young love true life, lets get it right
New York City, NY

southern hospitality infused with the new york hustle. providing a soulful, upbeat frequency to increase our quality of life.

D. Jones

Real Talk A.V.P.
Poughkeepsie, NY

A Christian based company that uses audio, video, & photos as a ministry to bring people closer to God. We offer photography & video packages. D. Jones is our first Christian Hip Hop Artist. We do skits & advertising for companies. Hit us up.


I am a super outgoing and dedicated person.
Los Angeles, CA

I am a college student who has been in the entertainment industry for a few years. I am an actress as well as becoming a screenwriter, tv producer, director. I love to network, work hard, and learn from others. I am a part of the underrepresented group in the entertainment industry in so many ways but I can’t let that stop me!


Oh you gonna laugh
Las Vegas, NV

born and raised in Monroe Louisiana now living in Las Vegas

Angle Video Pro

Social Media Filmmaker
Las Vegas, NV

I create Dynamic and Creative Videos for you to post on your feed social media feed.