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Musicians in Utah

Time to level up! Hire a jazz duo for your next cocktail party, a steel drum player at your next beach themed event, or a pianist to entertain even the most discerning crowd. Find all of the above and so much more, below.

Jim Fish - Performing Singer-songwriter

Americana Music that puts a beat in your boot!
Salt Lake City, UT

Jim performs and write songs with a toe tapping energy that is indicative of his Ozark roots. His home grown musical style makes a rhythmic connection with country-bluegrass and folk-rock audiences everywhere. It's a bit contagious and when questioned he calls his musical genre "mountain country". Jim’s unforgiving vocals and relentless desire to connect with his audience makes for a passionate performance. His music sets are filled with original songs and classic covers set to his style.

Nicolas Alan

Rogue Bandit Energy!
Salt Lake City, UT

Nicolas Alan is a Salt Lake City based Hip - Hop artist. From the upbringing of drugs, domestic violence, and growing up to join the military, Nicolas brings a different sound to the game. Influenced by lyricism, personal life, and conflicting views, his music is not only a connection... but a conflict. Working with one of the greats, ‘Kxng Crooked’, on his latest EP (101 Dreams), he challenges his abilities as an artist.

The Krew

Best Southern Rockers from the North.
Salt Lake City, UT

Hailed as "The Best Southern Rockers from the North" the southern/country/pop rock band/cover band, The Krew has its roots in country, rock, blues, classic rock and roll, all with a modern flavor mixed in one. Led by the award winning singer/songwriter Jhonny K, dares their audience to not sing, dance, clap, and stomp along to their high energy music and performance.

Ryan Innes

Singer/Songwriter - Soul - Pop - Acoustic Piano
Salt Lake City, UT

Over the years, Ryan Innes has developed a distinct and dynamic artistic voice. One that can be heartbreakingly intimate at one moment and soaringly epic the next. The range of emotions Innes can articulate in a single song or across a setlist mirrors the emotional scope of the artist’s life, a contrasting mélange of turmoil, peace, grief and hope.

The Real Doug Lane

Country/Classic Rock Band based in Utah County
Salt Lake City, UT

The Real Doug Lane is an award winning singer-songwriter based in Utah County. His songs have been recorded as part of compilations including "Operation Encore: Monuments", a collection of songs featuring military veteran singer songwriters. Joined with some of the finest and most in-demand musicians in the region, The Real Doug Lane brings the best in live entertainment to any event with his blend of original tunes and country, classic rock, and pop cover songs.

Cera Gibson

Dark pop recording artist based in Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake City, UT

Cera Gibson is a recording artist based in Salt Lake City, UT. Beginning her career in high school, she took inspiration from the likes of Stevie Nicks and Leonard Cohen, creating reminiscent and bluesy songs. After recording her first EP at RCA Studio A, Cera decided to take her sound in a more contemporary direction. Reflecting a dark, hiphop infused styling, Cera’s music offers a familiarity in tone that’s soothingly twisted.


DontéSoulPepper from the Soul Garden
Salt Lake City, UT

A musician whose music is about growth, positivity, &Self reflection.

Jb Roy

Louisiana’s own “ JB Roy”
Salt Lake City, UT

Born and raised in a small town called Amite City, La. JB was raised, as any many other black families in a poverty stricken area, beating the odds he found himself gaining a football scholarship to Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. There he made a name for himself on and off the field and though football came to and end JB found a familiar love in music and now he is here to bring people with him on his road to greatness