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Time to level up! Hire a jazz duo for your next cocktail party, a steel drum player at your next beach themed event, or a pianist to entertain even the most discerning crowd. Find all of the above and so much more, below.

Blue Mountain Artists, LLC

Artist Management Group

Blue Mountain Artists is committed to working its hardest to forge relationships with the musicians, the buyers and the fans that will last a lifetime and benefit everyone involved. Our agency represents some of the best American music, without regards to labels or titles and with an understanding of the difficulties of the road and the plight of the promoters. Our goal is simply to work hard, be honest and creative for the benefit of all involved.

Savion Jerrell

Vocalists/Songwriter/Fashion Designer/Host
Charlotte, NC

Good Quality for a Greater Price


Charlotte, NC

UnkCwerve also know as Sequi L Castle Sr is from Charlotte NC born and raised. He is a music artist associated with FamGoon Bankroll Ziggy as well other artist within a group known as Pressure Gang!!! Pressure Gang is making their way in the industry with some of the hottest music to hit the scene. With an upcoming LP to be released in 2019, Pressure Gang is sure to set a vibe that will not be disturbed. Check out their lastest hit called “Pressure” on U-Tube featuring #unkcwerve!!!


Good vibes, Great fun music, dope message
Charlotte, NC

Parrish was born in Spartanburg, SC and now he’s Charlotte based. He considers both places to be home being that he moved to Charlotte, NC in 2001. His stage name as an artist is P.S. , which stands for Purpose & Soul. He discovered his passion of music at the age of 8. As a artist substance and positive energy are the 2 main things that P.S. the artist and Parrish the man will bring to any Venue.

A1 Clever

Dope ALL around artist here to spread love & light
Charlotte, NC

Everything A1.

Marcu$ McLaren

Love,Positive Energy, and Progression
Charlotte, NC

I’m just a man that understands you and wants to bring the world together with my music.


Hot New up and coming artist V.I.M
Charlotte, NC

Singer | Rapper | Poet 23 Male African American Charlotte, NC

Diamonds & Whiskey

Diamonds & Whiskey - Dark Country Voodoo

Where the swamps of Louisiana meet the hills of North Carolina, a new sound emerges. Diamonds & Whiskey is made up of singer Jenny Webb's swamp-siren vocals, Von Bury's finely chopped and grinding guitar riffs, Elena Martin's smoldering hot violin licks and anchored and swung by drummer Christopher McKinney's beats and thumping toms. Every set they play features lovingly crafting anthems like Hands Down, the band's first single. Get to know Diamonds and Whisky now!