Musicians in Georgia

Time to level up! Hire a jazz duo for your next cocktail party, a steel drum player at your next beach themed event, or a pianist to entertain even the most discerning crowd. Find all of the above and so much more, below.

Nu Man Fatin

Live Entertainer of Pop music
Atlanta, GA

Nu Man's music embodies versatility, tradition. Chicago was his birthplace, and he also spent time on the West Coast, but Atlanta, Georgia was the place vibrant performer Nu Man blossomed into a distinctive, compelling singer/songwriter. Once his family relocated to the locale known as "The ATL," where they still reside, Nu Man's love affair with music blossomed. He mixes rap's verbal fluidity and improvisational fervor with tones and themes gleaned from pop, R&B, and soul.

Mountain Top Polka Band

Authentic German Polka Band from Asheville, NC
Atlanta, GA

Dressed in traditional Bavarian lederhosen and dirndls, the Mountain Top Polka Band (MTP) plays all the favorite Oktoberfest songs like the Chicken Dance, Hofbrauhaus, Beer Barrel Polka, Happy Wanderer, Pennsylvania Polka, Ein Prosit, and more, with lots of energy, dancing, and fun show. Your audience will enjoy the shoe-slapping Shuplattler bench dance, tuned cow bells, alpine horns, and contests guaranteed to keep your audience moving for hours.

Elliott C. Michaels

ELLIOTT MICHAELS ... Atlanta's Unknown Superstar!
Atlanta, GA

ELLIOTT MICHAELS is an Atlanta-based musician who has sung and played professionally since 1973. He prefers to sing high-quality rock, folk-rock and modern country music. He is a second tenor with a vocal range of over two octaves. He also writes and plays guitar. He is originally from Brooklyn, where he sang and played in bands such as Time of Survival, Firefly, Critics' Choice, Alcatraz, and Reality. Michaels is now the leader of the superb Atlanta band GALLEON!

Marquis Hardy

solo saxophone-jazz band-cover band
Atlanta, GA

Marquis Hardy is an Atlanta based saxophonist, product, composer, and session musician! He can be seen performing in a duo cover band called Mark II, the Marquis Hardy Jazz Band, and as a solo performer playing keys, live looping, and covers of top 40 songs spanning decades. The vision of Marquis Hardy is to create the atmosphere YOU desire! From weddings to birthday celebrations, intimate house parties to corporate events, restaurants to coffee shop perforomances, and everything in between!


I’m a songwriter. want to write for celebrities
Atlanta, GA

Music is my passion. Never had anyone that actually believe in my talent. Of course I had people to give me props on my songs but never I had anyone that fully supported me. I would love to showcase it one day.

Taurus Zodio

Actor/Artist/Audio Engineer/Photographer
Atlanta, GA

Born in Atlanta, GA. Artistry has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been interested in acting from a young age, getting my start as a choir singer in a children’s television show. My love for music was something that came about later, but stemmed from singing in the church choir. Since, I’ve been pursuing both acting and singing. My love for music and wanting to create inspired me to go to college and obtain a degree in Audio engineering.

George Shockley

George Shockley, singer/songwriter
Atlanta, GA

acoustic/electric guitar, all genre of music


Atlanta, GA



Atlanta, GA

Latonia, who’s stage name is Soulcheri, comes from the The mighty Mississippi mud, and been singing from churches to convention centers, weddings to funerals, award shows and concerts, since she was 13yrs old. She’s recorded with a major artist such as, MCBreed, Smoke D of UGk, and she has opened shows for countless acts such as; Trina, Rick Ross, Juevinelle, Mystical and lots more.. She writes and composes her own music, with a style like Mary J Blidge & Monica with a twist of Lauren Hill .

The Real Arrhur Roland Band

Grammy Gospel and Hall of Fame Inducted Singer
Atlanta, GA

Soul sounds of soulspiration. where positive messages meant soulful sounds. Motown meets the church and had a baby. World famous guitarist and vocal songwriter that’s scored and produced countless hits for himself and well as others including award winning television movie scores. You’re gonna be on your feet dancing in the isles and entertained from the first chord to the last .He s coming your way and you’ll be all the better afterwards.Get ready to be transported in time down memory lane !