Musicians in Georgia

Time to level up! Hire a jazz duo for your next cocktail party, a steel drum player at your next beach themed event, or a pianist to entertain even the most discerning crowd. Find all of the above and so much more, below.

Grand Yamikaze

God gave me a talent to use not burry
Atlanta, GA

My name is Grand YamiKaze and I’m a local Atlanta Christian Rapper! I love meeting new people and performing to a live audience!


Atlanta, GA

Rap artist from Atlanta

Aria Cassadine

Live Singing Drag Queen Performer
Atlanta, GA

My name is Aria B Cassadine I am the live singing sensation Drag Queen Of Atlanta, GA. I Can Perform At Birthdays, Weddings, Or Any Celebration Parties For your Entertainment.


Atlanta, GA

I am a Mexican Rapper out of North Atlanta

Michael Stuckey

International Gospel Singer Michael Stuckey
Atlanta, GA

Gospel newest contemporary worship singer Michael Stuckey. Has a classic sound with the old-school swag. Michael merge in the mid-2010 with a fresh spin on traditional gospel. Michael range will have you on the edge of your seat to standing on your feet. Michael newest song Heaven’ s Gate can be sung during any Memorial or Commemorative services. Heaven’s Gate is set to be one of the most popular songs for 2019. Stuckey currently resides in Atlanta Georgia.

Scholarship (garett Eldred)

The Best You’ve Never Heard!
Atlanta, GA

Scholarship (Garett Eldred) is a student at Georgia State University and a native of Atlanta, GA. He is a talented hip hop artist who strives to make music that people can relate to and enjoy. He is also a talented actor who has participated in several short films including a commercial for his previous institution in San Diego. In addition, Garett is a passionate individual who loves to take action and let his voice be heard in order to affect change within his community.

Junior Da Don

The Trio
Atlanta, GA

My name is Jermaine James Jr. and I go by the name Trio. I’m a gospel rapper and I’ve been rapping since I was 12 and I’m very passionate about my music and god. I’ve always had music in my family and just a tremendous amount of talent constantly surrounding me on a day to day basis so it really inspired me to pursue it as well. I’m a very bold believer in Christ and I rep him to the fullest and let his blood bleed through my music. My Music is Hype, and also very relatable.


Atlanta, GA

A 20 Year Old Rnb/Rap Artist From Atlanta Georgia whom is said to be the next big thing! Atlsuavee not only raps but also sings creating potential hit singles. most of his music is about his lifestyle & life situations. His music can be streamed on all platforms

Angelo Dorsey

Atlanta, GA

Mello Malone

My name is Romello Malone, aka Mello Malone. Love.
Atlanta, GA

I was born in The Virgin Islands a place of beauty and struggle. I moved to the state of Oklahoma at the age of 6 with my mother and 8 year old sister. My biological father was abusive towards my mother and moved us away from that situation. Growing up I was always musically inclined and very talented. My strong suites are Singing, Dancing, being able to Rap with fire and purpose and playing the Drums. I’ve always been a people’s person and champion, I now live in Atlanta following my dreams!