Musicians in Denver, Colorado

Time to level up! Hire a jazz duo for your next cocktail party, a steel drum player at your next beach themed event, or a pianist to entertain even the most discerning crowd. Find all of the above and so much more, below.

Ceara Lynne

Denver, CO

I’m a singer/ songwriter from Aurora, CO! I started singing at the age of 3 and have been singing ever since. I have also been writing my own material from a very young age as well. Some of my musical inspirations are Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Luther Vandross, and Celine Dion. Music, singing, and songwriting are more than passions for me; they are truly my entire world.

Jd Payne

Professional rapper, actor, and performer
Colorado Springs, CO

JD Payne is a charismatic presence that’s sure to get any crowd on their feet

Ev Vinyls

Ev Vinyls
Denver, CO

I make music that even your mother would love.

Billion Dollar Baby

Shreveport Louisiana artist
Denver, CO

I’m a Shreveport Louisiana rapper who’s very talented I make music about the everyday struggle we all have.

Illest Tha Prodigy

Hiphop artist/Illest Tha Prodigy
Denver, CO

25//Colorado life//Hiphop artist

The Wayne Faust Show

Great Music, Comedy, and Improv
Denver, CO

Great music and comedy! Wayne plays guitar and banjo and has a unique ability to make up whole songs on the spot. He comedy is clean and is appropriate for ages 1 to 100. (So far he's not sure about those pesky folks who are more than 100...) After performing during the ski season in Colorado for over 25 years, for people from all over the US and the world, there's virtually no one he doesn't have something to say about! He's a unique, fun, and extremely talented guy.

Tumara Rogers

This girls got some pipes
Denver, CO

Professional female singer with 3.5 octave range. I have formal Jazz, Blues & Opera training. I have 30 years of singing & performing. Musical areas of current performance are Country & Classic Rock. Looking to collaborate with musicians to write originals, join a band, open to laying tracks for other musicians projects. $ negotiable.

Li'l D Entertainment/dj Dani D/li'l D

DJ, Rapper, Songwritter, Photographer, & Producer
Denver, CO

My name is Danielle “Dani” Hernandez. I’m From Denver Colorado. 25 years old. Been Doing music since 9 years old! I Am a DJ, Rapper, songwriter, photographer and producer! I also make flyers as well. I have reasonable prices!!!

Jesse Maclaine

Music makes everything better!
Denver, CO

Natural born singer Jesse Maclaine was forced to take piano lessons as a teenager, this led her away from a secure career path in musical theater and into a dangerous and exciting life as a professional musician. After 20 years as an indie singer-songwriter she has written over 120 original compositions, self-produced 5 CDs, created dozens of music videos, received glowing accolades from local and national press, had her songs featured on popular radio stations and podcasts, composed/arranged sc

Out The Frame

Rap Group
Colorado Springs, CO

Out The Frame the Rap Group consist of the artist Jay Richh & Suga Shane reigning from Alabama and Oklahoma .