Musicians in Napa, California

Time to level up! Hire a jazz duo for your next cocktail party, a steel drum player at your next beach themed event, or a pianist to entertain even the most discerning crowd. Find all of the above and so much more, below.

Tim Hill And Autumn Rhodes-irish Traditional Music

Uilleann Pipes/Flute/Concertina/Whistle/Songs
San Francisco, CA

Autumn Rhodes and Tim Hill represent a musical pairing that is steeped in traditions of Ireland dating back over 200 years. The pairing of Autumn’s heavily rhythmic and pulsating style on the concertina/flute mixed with Tim’s relaxed yet deadly accurate uilleann piping results in a graceful and infectious sound that has drawn rapt audiences from both sides of the coast and the Atlantic. They continue to perform throughout the United States, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bruce Brill

Singer/Guitarist Entertainer
San Francisco, CA

Thank you for looking into having live music for your event. My name is Bruce Brill. I'm a singer/guitarist/comedy writer and live in Oakland, California. I play music and teach guitar around the Bay Area including San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, Marin, Sacramento and Napa. I cover all styles of music from classical and jazz to pop, rock, Latin and flamenco. When I'm not performing a gig, I play weekends at a restaurant in the Piedmont area if you wish to meet and hear me play.

6 Another Band

Rock & Roll for Sophisticates
San Francisco, CA

Transformation is a rock opera in 4 movements: 1. Road to Normal (Allegro), 2. It Ain’t Over (Andante), 3. Girl in Green (Scherzo), and 4. Hold On (Allegro Moderato). It picks up the story of “natural” man in a state of despair after years of relying on worldly wisdom to obtain love and acceptance. We start to see his ultimate transformation to enlightenment through the spiritual and worldly love of a stranger who becomes his earthly savior. www.6anotherband.com

Taylor Patton

Napa, CA

independent artist, on a mission to spread positive energy through the sounds of hip-hop, r&b, alternative, and soul. Humbled individual out of Fairfield California who enjoys bringing energy to the event, big or small.

Yung Aug

Yung Aug is the new wave!
San Francisco, CA

I am born and raised from the Bay. I’ve been doing music since I was little but I’ve been rapping for a couple years. I have show experience, lots of energy, and I can turn up in any venue and get a party going. Each of my songs have different styles and vibes to keep a short or a long set interesting and fun. They can also be easily tailored to whatever age range necessary. I love music and I hope that I can share that love with you.


San Francisco, CA

rapper ~ producer Oakland, CA ~ Salem, OR

Shelby Ann

Shelby Ann is an alt-country singer-songwriter
Napa, CA

Shelby Ann is a singer-songwriter from the Bay Area of CA. Inspired by artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Nirvana, Shelby’s songwriting style blends the angst and energy of 90’s alt-rock/grunge with the sensibility of Americana and roots rock. With a wealth of her own material and a group of carefully selected covers, Shelby’s high energy performances will remind you why you fell in love with rock & roll in the first place.

Mayc Man

Mayc Man
San Francisco, CA

Oakland native Rap artist born in San Francisco raised in Oakland started my own label MME and been doing music since 90’s. Hip Hop , Reggie , R&B and Blues influences

Kali Kockaine

Kali KoCkaine AkA The New Pretty Ricky
Napa, CA

I’m 23 years successful I’m from Atl,Ga , I’ve worked with Triple platinum producers such as Mally Mall , Dre Dre. I currently have 9.6 million views with Ynw melly.Im the hottest act you can get .

Niko Jet

Niko Jet is the right fit for the gig!
San Francisco, CA

Niko Jet is a songwriter from Fairfax, CA. In addition to his vastly eclectic self titled solo project, he is the frontman for Gypsy Surf Punk band The Bad Thought and co-frontman for Bluegrass band Satan’s Songbirds. Niko has worked with artists across the industry including members of Social Distortion and Burn Unit. With original music spanning a wide range of genres including Reggae, Rock, Bluegrass, Jazz, Folk, Gypsy, Blues, Hip Hop and Punk, Niko Jet is a great choice for any gig.