Book Talent in Minnesota

Amari Walker

The Magnificent Weirdo Experience
Minneapolis, MN

I’m Amari Walker, A 21 year old Poet, Dancer, artist, and a bunch more. The Magnificent Weirdo Experience is a journey through the Soul of a Young Man who was thought to not survive since birth. Watch and listen as this rollercoaster of a story is told through multiple different art forms. Welcome to the Magnificent Weirdo Experience. Check out my fb page to see what I offer.

Theon Hope

Theon Hope 🤩🤪🤸🏼‍♀️
Minneapolis, MN

Hey Guys , I’m new to this site so and trying to learn the groves of things ! I am very talented Acrobatic, I have a 11 years of gymnastics back ground and 4 years of cheerleading and Dance I also have been pole dancing for 3 years .also been modeling for 2 years .I’ve model for reflex photography and Cupid Run Charity invent covers ! So yeah , I am pretty experience when it comes to acrobatics or dancing! I love entertaining and performing in front of others! love getting the audience pumped!

Giddz The Rapper

living large as fuck hml I’m a born entertainer
Minneapolis, MN

grew up in New London Minnesota with a schizophrenic father and older brother. music and laughter takes away my pain to allow others to enjoy

Shane Snapp

My last names not the only thing you’ll like.
Minneapolis, MN

young talent ready to prove to the world that’s he’s better than they think and better thank they know. that’s he’s more than a statistic an outcome or reality of it all. trying to inspire kids that look like him more that they can be successful without playing basketball. Singer, actor, and dancer not trying to set the world on fire, but will.

Melanie Anderson

Luck Is When Preparation Meets Opportunity
Minneapolis, MN

I am a student at the University of Iowa where I study business. I have been in several fashion shows, musicals, plays, and have had one opportunity to star as an extra in Los Angeles with my twin sister. I write music, skits, and am currently learning different forms of dance. Other hobbies of mine is working out, baking, and swimming! | Prov. 3:5-6 |

Steve Stokes

Music Producer, Drummer, Keyboardist, DJ
Minneapolis, MN

Steve Stokes has been playing drums and piano for about a 17 years now where he now stands at the age of 25. He has been known for showing his talents in Milwaukee,Wisconsin where he was born and, later moving onto Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, Nevada, Cleveland, Oh, Nashville, Tennessee and more. In Las Vegas he DJ’d for MGM GRAND Hotel also. He now resides in Bentonville, Arkansas with his wife and child where he continues to produce music and perform weekly.

Lil Ray

Independent artist trying to make things happen
Minneapolis, MN

My name is Ryan Boulware, I’ve been rapping for about 8 years ever since i was young. My family always had me perform in front of other family members to show off my talents. I want my talents to make something of myself and show people I really can do this and I really do got it!

Paul Stovall

Man of God First Drummer and Writer
Minneapolis, MN

Grew up playing in the church and listening to all genres of music especially Old School. I played in jazz bands, marching band and other groups throughout school years including college. So I can also read music. I have two Degrees in Music and in Worship Arts. I was MD from the guitar in front and from mainly the drums during college years. I love playing the music meaning complimenting the band so that everyone is heard and enjoying the music. I play all genres I love being versatile.

Chiffy Wallace

Chiffy Female Rap Artist
Minneapolis, MN

Chiffy is a 27-year-old rapper based out of the Midwest who is putting her stamp down on a Male dominated industry. With her raw lyrics And undeniable talent if you were to book Chiffy we guarantee you will be satisfied. Chiffy performances insist of high energy and and great songs . Chiffy has also been nominated to perform at the Grammys and she has tour all over the United States . Check out her videos on YouTube and social media following she is up and coming

Joey Jones

Singer / Songwriter / Dancer
Minneapolis, MN

Music is what I live by. Performances are my favorite and what I focus most on.