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Letroy Toussaint

Producer, Songwriter, Musician, Host, Vocalist
Chicago, IL

LeTroy Toussaint (ASCAP) is a singer/songwriter/producer from Chicago, Illinois. While growing up in The Bronzeville area gave LeTroy a strong blues & soulful base, it was the electric guitar that built his current sound. LeTroy has two albums available for digital download entitled "Gunshots Sitting By The Window " & a self titled release. His previous releases include “iWork", "Didn’t You Know" & "Rescue Me" all released & distributed by BEATSupreme/Jason Cameron Productions (ASCAP).

Youth Minister Lynnzel Griffin

Ministry In Growth
Chicago, IL

19 year old youth minister Lynnzel Griffin was called to the ministry at 14 years old. He has Been in ministry for 6 years. He has taught in a church class room as a teacher for 4 years. Lynnzel has a platform on YouTube named YTMLGFAMILY where he preaches teaches and educated on the word of God, as well as starting something new by talking about real issues and problems in our community

Stephen Kuc

Live Musician - Originals & Covers
Chicago, IL

Based in the Chicagoland area, Stephen has been writing and performing songs for years. Generally playing solo, he puts passion into each word he sings and each note he plays. His influences range from classic rock groups such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd & Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers to modern bands such as The Killers, Kings of Leon & Foo Fighters. There is bound to be something in his catalog that is a good fit for your event, & he will take any special song or set requests!

Nefarious Cloud

Grunge Hop with a Grudge
Chicago, IL

Robin Daniels II ,stage name Nefarious Cloud,is a self described “Grunge Hop” artist that combines elements of metal,punk, and Hip Hop to create a uniquely crafted experience.Raised in Springfield,Il and currently residing in Chicago, Cloud is on a quest to breakdown barriers of all kind to further progress the evolution of Music.


Chicago, IL

20 year old Chicagoland Suburban Rapper

G. William Szany

Author, Comedian, Poet, Wedding Officiant, & more.
Chicago, IL

Mr. Szany is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Indiana & Certified Minister that can perform Weddings, Baptisms, &Funerals. An actor, extra, model, poet, writer, comic, YouTube performer, musician, &Online Radio DJ/ Podcaster. He’s been an extra in the shows, “The Untouchables”, “Early Edition”, & “Mind Games” & in the movies: “Baby’s Day Out” & “Little Lotto “. He has several music singles & a couple EPS available on Spotify & other places online. He wrote “Stages of Love” & “Material Ghost”.

Dezirae Schalice

Alternative Soul-Pop duo with soulful voice
Chicago, IL

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Dezirae Schalice has discovered her sound in a blend of several genres--ranging from jazz and soul to pop and alternative. Drawing inspiration from artists such as John Legend she has a style capable of satisfying a plethora of musical preferences. She released her experimental hip-hop-esque EP, "The Almighty Project" in May of 2019 which is now available on all streaming platforms, and for download under the Available Music tab.

Jack Boz

Magic that makes your event memorable
Chicago, IL

20 year old magician and balloon artist

Derek Fawcett

Celebrated Chicago-based singer-songwriter
Chicago, IL

Derek Fawcett has shared stages with Peter Frampton, Ben Folds, America, Pat Benatar, Colin Hay, Gin Blossoms, and Blues Traveler, and performed with Chance The Rapper at Lollapalooza, touring across much of the U.S. and parts of Canada, Europe, and South Africa. A SESAC songwriter, his songs have been requested for submission to country stars Garth Brooks and Little Big Town, and Fox TV’s Empire (where he has appeared as an actor). Voice over clients include Kohler, FedEx, and Ford Motor Co.

Ethan Bell

When retro-pop and country music bump boots.
Chicago, IL

The Ethan Bell Band is what happens when retro-pop and country music bump boots in the back of the honky tonk. With bar bashing, boy band belting, flashy stage move dancing, and story telling. They keep audiences captivated with their mashups of pop, hip hop and country songs that you love from your radio, while swooning you with their romantic ballads and introspective songwriting.