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How to Throw a Block Party

A block party with a bunch of guests is held on a city street

Block parties are awesome community events that have retained their popularity and relevance in the younger generations. These gatherings have a persistent intrigue that makes them a fruitful experience for everyone involved, but that doesn’t mean they are simple to plan and execute.

There is a tried and true strategy to ensuring your block party is a success, including preparation and collaboration. Special Guest can help you understand the fundamental pillars of planning a block party with just a few simple tips. By securing the proper clearances from the host municipality, building a reliable team and promoting your event, you will be set on the path to throwing an awesome block party.

In this guide to hosting a block party in your area, Special Guest will guide you through those main planning steps. Of course, our specialty is entertainment booking, so stick around and learn how to provide your guests with the best entertainment for the block party setting. Check out Special Guest’s guide to hosting a block party!

Get the Proper Clearances

The first step to throwing a block party is ensuring such an event is even allowed in your area. Some small towns and municipalities may not want the hassle of noise, trash and traffic that may come along with a block party. In that case, you should look around and find a town more willing to host a block party.

When you find an area that can close down for your block party, take your time to go through all of the municipality’s regulations. The last thing you will want to do is to anger the people who are allowing you to host a block party, so try to craft the best possible working relationship with the town and do all you can to cooperate with their restrictions.

Build a Reliable Team

One of the most critical aspects of planning any community event is finding a reliable team of collaborators. Build your team of volunteers from the pool of local organizers or those who will have more investment in crafting an incredible event in their community. You can also rely on the services of those closest to you, such as your family and friends.

Some of the essential collaborators that will help make your block party a success are those tasked with providing entertainment. Booking a band or another form of entertainment is vital, and ensuring they are reliable is a crucial part of the booking process. Special Guest allows you to communicate with the artists who will help make your block party successful.

A group of people gather during a block party

Promote Your Block Party

After all the necessary arrangements have been made, it will be time to promote your block party. Consider trying old media tactics like hanging fliers up in local businesses in the area surrounding where your block party will be held. Your top priority should be getting the word out to the local community. This will attract them to the event and let them know when the block being used will be shut down.

For the bulk of your block party promotion, use new media strategies like social media advertising to get the word out. Create an event page on Facebook and spread the word about your block party on all of the social media platforms you use. Ask your municipal collaborators to promote the event on their community pages and get your friends and family to share information about your block party.

Special Guest Can Help You Throw a Block Party

Special Guest is happy to help local community organizers host events like block parties. No matter where you are, Special Guest has entertainment options for your next community event. Reach out to us today and learn more about the artists by checking out our website or contacting us today!


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