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How to Plan a Wedding in 8 Simple Steps

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Planning a wedding is never something you want to do by yourself. In an ideal world, your spouse, family, and friends will chip in to ensure the big day goes well. Unfortunately, things don’t always go so smoothly.

Special Guest has prepared a list of eight simple steps to planning a wedding. These are the fundamental pillars that you must establish early on leading up to your wedding day. Following these critical wedding planning tips can significantly improve your chances of hosting the wedding of your dreams. Read on to find Special Guest’s eight simple wedding planning steps!

1. Hire a Wedding Planner

The engagement is on. Now what? One of the first things you will want to do when you know a wedding is coming up is to hire a wedding planner. These professionals are well-connected to venues and other services, which will be vital as you go deeper into the process. Finding a wedding planner with top-notch experience and organizational skills is a precious resource.

2. Set a Budget

Early in the planning process, you must set a budget for your wedding. Take a look at the finances of everyone willing to contribute and put a hard cap on how much you can spend on every part of the wedding. Assuming you hired a wedding planner, they will be able to help you understand the typical prices of specific wedding details, from flowers to live entertainment.

3. Pick a Venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding is a crucial step. When you look back at the pictures of your wedding, this is the place that you will see. It may seem less important, but it may mean a lot to you down the road. Because of this, make sure you are initially patient when considering a venue to ensure it fits all your requirements. That being said, if you are getting married during the prime wedding season in the summer months, you may want to expedite the process so you can get ahead of other couples.

4. Create a Guest List

Once you have a venue selected and your budget is set, you can begin to craft a guest list. Though it may be hard to block out the noise of those around you, make sure you prioritize the people you want to invite on your guest list. There are plenty of anecdotes about young couples being encouraged by their parents to invite people to their wedding with whom they have little or no relationship. Only invite people you are comfortable with and ensure your desired invitees are at the top of the list.

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5. Book Live Entertainment

Booking live entertainment for your wedding is a must in order to keep your guests as engaged as possible. As it turns out, we at Special Guest have a whole section of our website dedicated to wedding entertainment options. Rather than settling for a performer with broad appeal that can be at just about any wedding, check out our more specialized options to make your wedding stand out!

6. Consider Meal Options

Eating at a wedding can get lost in the shuffle of the day, but your guests will appreciate getting a meal while they celebrate you and your other half. On the invitations to your wedding, make sure to include a few meal options for your guests to choose from. Try to be considerate of people’s dietary restrictions. At least one vegetarian option should be on the menu. To add some personalization to the process, both the bride and groom should have a say in the meal options.

7. Make Sure Your Aesthetic Matches

Make sure your aesthetic matches as you get closer to your wedding day and start finding decorations and flowers. For example, if you send out invitations with a red border, you should try to stick with that color in your decorating so that your wedding has a clear tone. This is a small piece of the wedding puzzle, but it will make your experience more appealing in photos and to the subconscious of your guests.

8. Set a Strict Timeline of Events

Do not get caught running behind on your wedding day. Amid the euphoria, you should do your best to stay on a relatively strict schedule. Try not to leave your guests waiting around for something to happen. If the reception begins at 6:00 PM, be there at 6:00 PM. This can be especially tricky the more elements you add to the wedding experience, but the least you can do is tell your guests where to be and when.

Special Guest Can Help You Plan Your Wedding

Special Guest can help you and your future spouse create a memorable day that will stay with you forever. While planning a wedding can be rather stressful, the payoff is immense. Start planning your wedding entertainment and services today by giving Special Guest a call!


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