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How to Plan a Prom

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Prom night sticks out for people for the rest of their life. Spending a night dancing and being with friends before graduating high school is a special experience for many young people. However, behind the scenes, the contributions of teachers, school administrators and other advisors are the key to ensuring prom night is magical for the student attendees.

If you find yourself in the position to plan a prom, you should take into account several variables. What venue is suitable for this kind of event? What do the students want to get out of their prom night? What type of entertainment works best at a prom? Special Guest can answer all of these questions and more.

At Special Guest, we pride ourselves on offering and promoting your area’s most outstanding entertainment options. You may need the services of Special Guest as you go through the process of planning a prom. Check out our tips for planning a prom and ensuring the night is filled with lasting memories!

Find the Right Venue

One of the first aspects of planning a prom you want to get right early on is selecting a venue. Do you want to go extravagant and fancy, or pick a more subtle place? Consider the student body’s interests and the full slate of available venues in your area before making a hasty decision.

Consider the features you want the prom night to present to guests. Consider the dimensions of the dance floor compared to how many guests you expect. For that matter, think about how comfortably every guest can fit into the venue’s rooms. The last thing you want is to have too many guests in too small of a space.

Keep the Students Involved

Assuming you are an adult helping to plan the prom, make sure you keep your finger on the pulse of the students attending. Remember that prom night is for them more than anything, so considering their thoughts and feelings are critical.

If you are a student representative planning the prom, keeping your fellow students in mind is even more necessary as things are arranged. Talk about the prom to people outside your immediate friend group, and make sure that the prom is a night for everyone who attends to enjoy.

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Book the Right Entertainment

It cannot be understated how important it is to have a great entertainer running the show at your prom. While you can get creative with how you want music and other announcements to be presented at prom, there is nothing wrong with booking a DJ who knows their way around the most popular songs with a younger crowd.

Beyond the selection of DJs offered by Special Guest, we also have a long list of other entertainment options that might work at your high school’s prom. Explore our categories page to get a broader look at everything we offer.

Plan a Prom with Help From Special Guest

Special Guest can help people plan proms and other events with our wide variety of entertainment options. Prom night should be filled with fun moments, and the entertainment you choose can significantly impact the entire experience. Contact one of the fantastic artists on Special Guest and get the party started!


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