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How to Plan a Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties are shown in movies and television shows to be sloppy, glorified affairs filled with scandalous behavior and dramatics. Are they all like that? Contrary to popular belief, bachelor parties can be tame and designed explicitly around the groom’s interests. Not everything, it appears, is just like the movies.

Suppose you are in charge of planning a bachelor party; congratulations on probably being the best man in an upcoming wedding. You may be wondering where to get started on planning a bachelor party. Luckily for you, Special Guest has prepared a brief but practical guide to designing and executing a memorable and safe bachelor party experience.

While we at Special Guest mostly pride ourselves on promoting live entertainment ideas, we also happen to be experts at party planning. Bachelor parties are unique in that they do not usually take place in one location, but that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities to use the services of Special Guest. Read on to learn more about planning a bachelor party!

Be Respectful to the Bride

When generating ideas for a bachelor party, make sure to consider all of the people who you are planning to invite. One person who will not be invited but should be considered is the bride. The temptation to partake in more intense activities during a bachelor party is out there, but for the sake of the couple getting married, you have to do your best to resist these activities.

It may seem unusual, but placing a call to the bride-to-be while you are planning the bachelor party should be considered. See if there are any activities that she would rather her fiancé not go along with. One of the best man’s significant duties is getting the groom to the wedding unscathed. Keep this in mind when developing your bachelor party plans.

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Load Up the Party with Activities

Just because you must be careful with the activities you choose for a bachelor party doesn’t mean you have to be boring. If the bachelor party is going to run for one or two days, fill that time with as much stuff to do as possible. Don’t allow a dull moment to arise throughout the day or weekend you are tasked with providing entertainment.

Every bachelor party has a different format, but loading up the party with activities is a common bond for every one that is carried out successfully. Even if this means going to a place outside your nearby community, you must keep all of your guests, especially the groom, in mind.

Keep the Groom’s Interests in Mind

This tip may be obvious, but it is worth reiterating that the groom should be the star of the show at any bachelor party. For this reason, the activities, locations and other elements you plan on including in the bachelor party should be fun for the groom ahead of anyone else. Don’t wholly alienate your other guests, but do consult the groom on what he may want to do with the day or weekend. Ask him which bachelor party ideas are especially interesting to him.

Bachelor parties are a balancing act of sorts. In satisfying some of our other suggestions, you may be unable to do all the things the groom wants. Be able to find compromises in the planning process and you will do fine.

Generate Bachelor Party Ideas with Special Guest

Special Guest has live entertainment options for you no matter what venue you are using or where in the United States you are located. Bachelor parties can be a challenging setting to call on live entertainment, but it’s not impossible. Browse our categorical entertainment options and start planning a bachelor party today!


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