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How to Master Entertainment Promotion

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Trying to bolster interest in live entertainment without a promotional plan is very difficult. Craft a winning strategy by using these tips from Special Guest. This article is part of a series of articles written to help guide and inform the process of booking LIVE entertainers for your special event.

How to Master Entertainment Promotion

As you go through the process of booking a live entertainment act and getting deep into the behind-the-scenes work, you may forget about one of the most important aspects of the show: promotion. Entertainment promotion is a critical task that may require the help of multiple people. Do not take this part of the planning process lightly.

There are two major branches of live entertainment promotion that are worth discussing. On the one hand, traditional promotion methods, such as hanging up fliers and word-of-mouth advertising, still have value in our highly technological world. On the other hand, a strong email and social media promotional campaign are essential to reach a wider audience.

So much of your promotional strategy should be based on what kind of entertainment you are planning to have, when and where the event will take place, and who you want to invite. Keep these considerations in mind as you go through the planning process, as there is no foolproof entertainment promotion strategy. Read on for Special Guest’s entertainment promotion guide.

Use Traditional Promotion Methods

While planning your live entertainment event, tell the people you are closest to about it. This is the first step in your promotional strategy: word-of-mouth advertising. If the event you are planning is an open invite, encourage your friends and family to spread the word. This is one method of picking up reliable interest in the event you are planning.

If you frequent local businesses, ask their owners if you can advertise in their workspace. This includes posting fliers in restaurants and convenience stores in the local area. This kind of advertising can bring awareness of your event to an audience outside your typical social circle.

One additional promotion method you may want to consider is traditional media advertising. If you live in an area that still has a strong local news culture, it would be worth it to advertise your event in the newspaper. Depending on how deep your promotional and financial resources are, using local radio and television stations to your advantage for advertising can go a long way.

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Promote Live Entertainment Through New Media

While traditional promotion methods still can be valuable in building up interest in your live entertainment event, the modern age demands a strong new media strategy. When you think of new media, think of digital media. A strong email campaign is the simplest method of spreading the word about an event through new media. Start with a list of influential people who live in your area and blast out a promotional email.

A digital promotional campaign should work in a similar way to word-of-mouth advertising. After the initial seed is planted regarding an event, you should encourage people to spread the word. Begin an email chain that has the potential to reach the people who you feel would enjoy the entertainment you are sharing with the community.

The most crucial promotional strategy is to advertise your event on social media. From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, you should not shy away from using social media as an incredibly effective marketing tool. Social media promotional activity is worth pursuing, even if it means paying up. Importantly, ensure you have a well-defined goal when promoting entertainment on social media. The synergy between the platforms you use can only help.

Entertainment Promotion with Special Guest

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