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Tampa, FL

“Some people just exist from one moment to the next. Others strive to accomplish and feel life as exuberantly as possible. However, only a handful strive to make a true difference and leave the world a better place after they have gone. Steffortless is a young professional and fully intends to use her talents to further her art as well as yours.” READ MORE at

Ashlea Archer

Podcast Host! Pageant Queen! Lover of Science!
Tampa, FL

Ashlea A. Archer holds the title of Miss Black America, Bahamas 2018. She is a STEM advocate and works with you robotics programs. She is completing her doctorate in Florida.Ashlea is also the host of the Mildly Qualified Podcast, a humorous audio and video podcast on the challenges of being an adult in the modern world. Mildly Qualified Podcast can be found on iTunes & Google Play.

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The Webtastic Spider-Man at your service!
Tampa, FL

In 2012, Cosplayer; Seth Alderman began to portray the iconic hero "The Amazing Spider-Man" for people of all ages. Since then, he has traveled to many different events & venues performing Flash Mobs, Improved Skits, Dance Battles, Birthday Parties, Private events, and much more. Providing you with top quality appearance and attitude, you'll feel like your meeting the real life Spider-Man for the very first time! From Photo-Ops to Full Event packages, he'll swing in what you need for your event!

Alderman Entertainment

Music is a path to expression and its limitless
Tampa, FL

Since 2005, Seth Alderman has been delighting audiences from all over the world. Residing in Tampa, FL, he has travelled to New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Chicago, and even countries across Europe performing. From bars of small towns to the wealthy grounds of Rosecliff Manor, primarily in the art of Jazz and Crooner tunes, Mr. Alderman brings a new style to the table, bringing you entertainment similarly to people like Micheal Buble, Sam Smith, John Legend, Frank Sinatra, and much more.


I’m a Dancer, a story teller.
Tampa, FL

I’m Bfab, originally that meets Born From A Boombox, I changed it to Born from A Beast, because when it comes to dancing I turn in into a beast I know that I am, u don’t believe me try me and I’ll show u the beast.

Kevin Michaels Images

Fashion/Lifestyle & Swimwear Photographer
Tampa, FL

9+ years of photography experience within the fashion industry.


I have a story rip to all we lose on are way up
Tampa, FL

LouieGramz born July 20 1994 Hispanic male raised in Tampa Florida the rest is in my music

Chelsea Hooker

Actress/ singer
Tampa, FL

Chelsea Hooker is an actress and singer who studied Theater Performance at St. Petersburg College. Chelsea most recently appeared on stage in Jobsite's Othello (Bianca). Other credits include: James and The Giant Peach (Ladybug) with Think Tank Theatre, A Piece of My Heart (Steele) with Powerstories, Avenue Q (Gary Coleman) with Stageworks, and The Threepenny Opera (Coaxer, Rev. Kimball) with Jobsite .


Best Independent artist self distributed!
Tampa, FL

Published Artist who Has Worked with Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Migos, Soulja Boy, Etc... From the Slums Of Belize bringing a Caribbean flavor to Trap Music & R&B.

Stah Goonie

Stah Goonie
Tampa, FL

stah Goonie was born in St. Petersburg Florida, he is 26 years old. He was kicked out of home at the age of 15 years old and never looked back which lead him into an arrest in 2014. After completing his 5 year probation he started taking music more serious. His KOK movement is for the youth that has no guidance or parents. His music is very soul felt.