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NFL Vet turned Entertainer
Orlando, FL

I played 5 years in the NFL before releasing my debut album “O.T.A” in 2017 which is almost at 2 million streams. I went on an 11 city tour, and still wanted more. I’ve been a lifelong wrestling fan, so while still making music and doing TV and radio analyst work, I am also training to become a professional wrestler. Life is too short to be good at one thing. Challenge yourself.

The Caribbean Crew Reggae & Steel Drum Band

National Award Winning Band for All Occasions
Orlando, FL

The Caribbean Crew is one of the most frequently hired Caribbean Bands in the country. They have won 6 National Awards for "Top Steel Drum Band in North America” and Top Corporate Band in North America”. They perform a nice variety of Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Beach, Top 40, Jazz, Latin and Brazilian Music. The musicians are all from the islands, giving you an authentic, Caribbean sound. They can travel anywhere and are perfect for any occasion.

Savion Maurice

I Narrate My Life Through Rap 🤷🏾‍♂️
Orlando, FL

I'm an emerging MC out of the Orlando, FL area, though I'm originally from DC! I'm here for school and am currently looking for a few gigs to do in my spare time. I do concious Rap, RnB and I'm also a newly published Author! If there are any venues looking for a dope talented artist, Look no further. Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions.

Anjellica Wilson

Orlando, FL

After vibing the modeling and artist scene, I again found myself drawn to the spoken word. It was then that I realized my gift and love for music and that’s when I knew I was home. My music represents many facets of my life. In it, you will hear my Aunt Sis tell it like it is attitude, moments from my diary, and knowledge from good and bad experiences. I have influences but I’m really about doing me. I’m not certain where that takes me or how it molds my artistry, but I know it’s me and that all it could ever be. I wouldn’t want it to be anything else. My message comes from the parts of me that I can rap but not talk about, that I can sing, but not cry about, that I can feel and if I need, fight about; Expressions, which I know at times we all struggle to define. Blossoming thru my voice in music I recognized my strength and life's purpose to not only elevate but rise through the very things that felt like weights weighing down as a burden and negative energy. Music had rebirth the positive light in me and opened up a new window of light. Killing the old me in my past life and thriving with the new me in my afterlife.


Rletto - Singer , Dancer , Musician.
Orlando, FL

A Pop musician born in Orlando FL has successfully achieved to be a well versed entertainer being a vocalist, dancer and musician. Graduating from Berkeley College of music with a degree in performance and music business a little has had the honors of performing with Beyoncé’s all female band, Lucious, singing to Pharrell Williams, Roseann cash and many others. Rletto recently Interned for “Tina Farris” on “The Hive Mind Tour” with The Internet.

Safia Valines

Classical AND Pop Singer

Safia Valines is an Orlando based musical artist known for her exquisite soprano voice and her beguiling stage presence. She has been described as the female Andrea Bocelli and her live concert nods at Sophia Loren in her hay day, sassy red dress and all! She specializes in Jazz, Pop, Broadway, Classical/Opera Crossover, Italian, Spanish, and French chanson. Her energetic take on popular and vintage material is infectious and her concert is not to be missed!


Americas #1 Johnny Mathis Tribute Show

No lip-sync! Make it special! Come join--"Mirror of Mathis," Chances Are it will be Wonderful Wonderful. Available to sing your special Love Song! Mirror of Mathis is truly the best! World’s finest Mathis Tribute Performer, his Las Vegas World Class Tribute Show are available for: Corporate events, Concert venues, Cruise ships, Touring & many more. Mirror of Mathis is available for both National & International events. Make it special! **Rates may vary due to venue size & travel **

Matt Durham

The Professional Misfit

Matt Durham was originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey and currently resides in Orlando Florida where he is now one of the hardest working magicians in America. He's been a full time performer for the last ten years. He was a headlining magician at Universal Studios Orlando, and also at the Great Magic Hall. Hailed as the “Professional Misfit” Matt is blessed with the gift of gab, along with an onslaught of magical feats and outlandish stunts.