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Cbas Mattar

Its simple, easy to hire, hard to fire.
Miami, FL

What’s up! So you’ve stumbled upon my profile. Well just a quick bit about me, I’m a 25 y/o comic based out of Miami FL. I’ve had a range of jobs in the entertainment field. For example, I’ve worked the production side of a radio network show. But also have gone as far into entertainment as to be one of the entertainment staff members of an NFL team. I pride myself in my work ethic and standards held. I’m willing to explore what you’re seeking and negotiate. Transparent & honest business.

Karen Ayash

Singer - Songwriter/ Actress / Model
Miami, FL

Born in Spain, Raised in California. Trilingual - English. Spanish. Catalán. Check out my music on Apple Music/Spotify/SoundCloud/YouTube Acting Reel - YouTube Follow my Instagram! @karenayash

Santa Spirit

Santa Claus
Miami, FL

Santa Spirit is a performance-based Santa and is an entertainer in the world of Santa. He is the perfect Santa for tree lighting, parties, entertaining large and small groups of children and of course, home visits! He is a storyteller who can make the North Pole and Christmas come alive. He will share stories about the reindeer, elves, and toy making while creating the world of the North Pole for your children. When watching this performance-based Santa even the adults will believe again, and you will still get the Santa photos and more! Just imagine the wonder this creates for the children.

Opal Estelle

Model, Actor, Singer, Dancer, all around Performer
Miami, FL

Opal has been working in the industry all her life, she’s worked with and for the likes of Nickelodeon, the Broward Center for the Performing arts, Final Cut Productions and more. Hire her to work your event, production or shoot now! *Pay rate depends on Event* *Modeling rate is $100/hour*


performing rap artist
Miami, FL

Stuckey is a young hip-hop artist emerging from the heart of Miami. Obstacles in life inspire his signature sound. Drive and determination show promise to become one of the greatest.


Trumpet Player
Miami, FL

Born and raised in Miami, Fl. Luvens has been playing Trumpet for 16 years now. Luvens plays all genres of music and his favorite is smooth Jazz. His stage name is Mrgrooves.

John Everyman

The “Pittbull” of comedy and the Cool-King of one
Miami, FL

John Everyman was born and raised in Miami, Fl and has performed with or opened for a number of well-known Florida comedians.  He is a regular at Improv Comedy Venues, Churchill’s Theater of the Underground and Las Rosas' Words and Wine.  John received the 2017 Rising Stars at Red Carpet Showcase Award, was named the winner of the Comic Cure's 2017 Coconut Grove Comedy Festival, as well as 2018 Best of The Best. Some refer to him as, the "Pittbull” of comedy and the Cool-King of One Liners!

Marjorie Fritz Photography

Female Photographer Marjorie Fritz
Miami, FL

My passion for photography started when I was 14 years old. I am Brazilian, I was a fashion model for 18 years and have always been fascinated with the other side of the camera. I retired from modeling to take care of my children, after awhile I decided to pursue a Photography degree. Today I am a proud mom and always inspired by photography

Theodis Samuels

I am your candidate .... Comedian
Miami, FL

Hola, My name is Theodis Samuels, I am a Miami based Comedian. been doing my standup routines since 2013. I have eight siblings that is all the material one person need . been traveling state to state doing standup,definitely will call myself a professional entertainer . co host on a podcast show called everymanpodcastshow.com it on all platforms iTunes etc...

Jitty World

Miami, FL

Young hip hop artist/actor from Miami, FL. Open to performing at any venue and very interested in acting roles. I am very talented at what I do and I take it very serious. Check out my SoundCloud and YouTube page and Book me 🤙🏽