Dancers in Atlanta, Georgia

Wanna know how to get everyone out on the dance floor? Hire a professional dancer to get your guests into the groove. For real, who’s going to turn down the hand of an enticing belly dancer. Twist, twirl, dip, and flip through our large selection of dancers on Special Guest and hire one now!

Scotty The Body / Scotty Too Hotty / Scotty

I’m A One Man Show
Nashville, TN

I am very talented I am a stud entertainer I do home calls wedding events bachelorette parties and more..!!! I also can dress up as kids characters and dance hip pop dance like ghetto spider man or any child’s character and dance


Atlanta, GA

Nigerian Singer, Songwriter, Afrobeat dance instructor/choreographer, and Actress. Written lyrics and melodies for over 60 songs.


I’m here to promote myself up to where I need to b
Atlanta, GA

I’m from ATL born N raise . . . I’m a real sweet pey but hate been lied on can’t stand when a person can’t be direct with me from what any problem they have with me so that we can work it out . . . I’m 21 love dancing but only for entertainment . . . no kids . . . I’m live for today not tomorrow . . . I CAN SAY FOR MOST THE STRUGGLE IS DEFINITELY REAL . . . Anybody need a dancer a GO GO dancer for any event or whatever I’m Yo girl

Vincent Anthony

Atlanta, GA

#Dancer | #Actor🇵🇹 #HairCareAmbassador #iamvincentanthony @iamvincentanthony

Brandon Ellis

Performing Artist
Atlanta, GA

Brandon Ellis has had a career well over 29 years in dance, acting, choreography, teaching dance, singing, & voiceovers. Ellis began his dance training on scholarship at The Ailey School in New York City. He’s been trained by serval acting & vocal coaches. He also enjoys modeling , drawing & hairstyling in his spare time with his Hair Licsense. Ellis has Film, TV, Musical Theater, Concert Dance, Choreography & Voiceover credits. More details at his website-

Brittany Martin

Actress/Model/Dancer/Body paint Artist/MUA
Atlanta, GA

My interest in entertainment began early on. I was always passionate about art and the creation of all things. However, there were a few areas that gained my attention more than others, like drawing, making things, and most of all, acting! Growing up with siblings, life always seemed as if it were a movie, and I took that vision and made it a real. Currently I devote my life to acting, modeling, and artistry. It is more than a passion, it's a lifestyle.

Finale The Dancer

Keon “Finale” Lovette Dancer / Choreographer
Atlanta, GA

HELLO ! I am Keon ; a choreographer of few feats but many experiences in the dance industry . I am self-taught and began training as a background dancer in 2012 for Grand Hustle Entertainment. I continued my craft years later working on my own and with others who aspire to dance for themselves or even help pick up the basics of choreography that some classes would not be able to focus on directly . I have experience working with most ages ranging from 5 to 30 years of age but all are welcome!

Mfn Jazz

Atlanta, GA

Hello I go by MFN JAZZ a Philadelphia rapper/model/actress/ all around entertainer! I have a very big personality naturally which draws people towards me. My greatest assest is when I perform my music live. The energy I give is phenomenal with my big voice my splits , me going crazy shaking my hair and also adding my contortionist abilities to every show which absolutely blows peoples minds! Im paving my own path reaching different people and oppertunities from all angles! Is the world ready?

Patrice D’evans

Belly Dancer Caribbean Latin Style
Atlanta, GA

Patrice D’Evans is a Christian actress, dancer and YouTube creator who dances Caribbean-Latin style belly dance for family friendly events and parties such as weddings, receptions, showers, birthday parties, corporate and church events (women conferences ). Go to to learn more about Patrice.

Samuel J.

International Artist-Activist
Atlanta, GA

Samuel J. is an international, motivational speaker, blogger, singer-songwriter & dancer. Starting his journey and education at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, Samuel has spoken for many Human Rights causes such as the Annual Latino Youth Conference, Know Your Rights Campaign and spoken about Black Lives Matter protests in an interview with radio show in Rosario, Argentina. Samuel, also empowers others through travel and music. He has performed and lived in Costa Rica, Japan and the US.