Dancers in Florida

Wanna know how to get everyone out on the dance floor? Hire a professional dancer to get your guests into the groove. For real, who’s going to turn down the hand of an enticing belly dancer. Twist, twirl, dip, and flip through our large selection of dancers on Special Guest and hire one now!

Joe Burton

Joe Burton
Tampa, FL

Hey! my name is Joe, I’m originally from Coventry, England but now mostly reside in central FL. I am a professional Dancer, I have worked for entertainment companies such as Disney and Universal. Currently on and off Disney Cruise Line contracts and am open to gigs while I’m in town! I started dancing as a hip hop dancer but I have since been trained in technical styles as well such as lyrical/contemporary with partnering included!

Aziza Al-tawil

Dancer, Singer, Actress, Writer, Director, Artist
Tampa, FL

Aziza is a Multi-Talent- her first acting teacher was Morgan Freeman at the Hudson Guild Theater in NYC, she has been belly dancing since age one in NYC & on tour in cities like Houston & Boston. As an actor she has been on set with Alan Alda & Carol Kane, and played the pivotal role of "The Psychic" in Joseph Anderson's thriller "Grave Caller" (2018). She is also a jazz & Broadway style singer. Currently she is developing scripts to direct. Inquire for rates. Varies by type of project.

Lady Darjuxena

Fire dancr, belly dancer, hula dancer, Cosplay
Tampa, FL

Lady Darjuxena ( pronouced Dar- JAH- Zeen- Nah) or DJ in addition to being a 9 time Florida State Goddess Belly Dance Champion and the owner of MAD Flames Fire Entertainment, DJ also teaches belly dance and has her own dance troupe separate from her dance projects. DJ is very well known for her individuality, creativity colorful costuming, props and hypnotic hips! Her shows are more of an experience, she takes pride in her art and loves to get the audience to participating especially the bir


MGDC- My Game Dance Crew
Orlando, FL

If you need dancers, book us for the style of hip hop, jazz, modern, contemporary, etc. We also teach so you can book is for a master class or even to teach a couple eight counts to have some fun! Any more question about our group please feel free to reach out!

Steve Vibin

Hey it’s me Steve Vibin I dance, sing and flip 😃
Miami, FL

I just love music. When I start to hear music and the sounds it comes with, I just love to move around and dance. I’ve danced many places before, like at party’s and clubs and people loved me. I’ve gotten so much respect as well. My style and moves are just so creative. I’ve been singing for over 5 years and to see where I’m coming from is amazing. One day I’ll love to be a real time on stage music entertainer and a actor in a movie.

Aimee Alcime

Aimee Takes The Stage
Miami, FL

Hard working singer/dancer/actor who has experience in the arts in various capacity. With extensive involvement participating in many extracurricular activities.

Ricky Sample

Dancehall Performer
Orlando, FL

Hi. I am Ricky Sample. I am a dancehall reggae music performer, I dance and sing in reggae dancehall style. Music is everything to me. I've been doing this professionally since 2008 but have been a lover of music ever since I was old enough to know what it was. I am also a great host.

Kimberly Shead

Multi -Talented treat
Orlando, FL

Hi, My name is Kimberly Shead. I’m a singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, business owner, model and photographer.

Nelson Cruz

Freestyle Hip Hop Dancer
Orlando, FL

Litefeet is Nelson's style of Hip Hop. With 10+ years of dancing experience, Nelson really knows how to control his body and tell his story. He has dedicated his life to dancing for a long time and it truly shows through his amazing abilities. Nelson is sure to captivate the audience with ease!


I’m a Dancer, a story teller.
Tampa, FL

I’m Bfab, originally that meets Born From A Boombox, I changed it to Born from A Beast, because when it comes to dancing I turn in into a beast I know that I am, u don’t believe me try me and I’ll show u the beast.