Cultural Entertainment in Poughkeepsie, New York

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Fuzion Entertainment

Agent Extraordinaire!
Scranton, PA

Fuzion Entertainment is a provider of cutting edge tributes, urban, extreme and cultural attractions for all types of venues and special events worldwide. Whether you’re looking for that special attraction for your performing arts series or a VIP event at your casino, let Fuzion work for you. Locations in NY and LA!


New York City, NY

Mieka is a recent graduate from the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts in which she acquired training of The Meisner Technique, Improvisation Skills & most importantly On Camera Acting. Using the surplus amount of tools she has acquired only but add a greater amount of realism and authenticity to each performance which is what will always be brought into the project/performance.

Dee Dot

The Host Of Your Next Event
New York City, NY

If you are looking for someone to bring energy to your event, look no further: Dee Dot is the best host and crowd motivator.


HipHop artist
New York City, NY

Born and raised in The Bronx. HipHop is Life. Love music.

Bxrisco Rell

The bugatti bandit
New York City, NY

Aspiring hiphop artist from the bronx, unmatched energy!


Lady Mac
New York City, NY

If you want to Roar and fun and talent please check me out I'm on every main streaming site you can just type in my name and check out some of my music before you book me for your event I do all event there's no limit to this town. my job is to engage with the guest and accommodate them in the best way I can to make all of the Love Field in the room to have as much fun as possible.


Passionate and Energetic Rapper/Singer Songwriter
New York City, NY

SeDari is a Hip Hop / Soul artist from New York City known for energetic, interactive and passionate performances, as well as his creative and well-crafted songwriting. SeDari has been blessed to have not only been writing since 16 but performing since then as well. Performing for venues such as Club Pyramid, S.O.B’s, The Nest, DROM NYC, The West End Lounge, Blackthorne, Gallery 69 and more. SeDari is currently working on his second album, releasing in January 2019 and will be promoting on tour.

Eseni Ellington

Published Model / Actress / Entrepreneur
New York City, NY

Fiercely driven to be an independent woman from a young age, Eseni had a love for entertainment and at 18 she began competing in pageants competing for Miss New York USA 2012 2014 and 2019. Eseni is no stranger to television as she began her reality television career on Lifetime TV The Sisterhood Becoming Nuns and Bravo TV First Family Of Hip Hop. Eseni, has created a name for herself through her multitude of ventures including billboards as a brand ambassador for many commercial product brands

Mr.pearly (pearlymusic_you Cant Refuse It)

New York City, NY

Mr.Pearly is an artist that has no boundaries, when it comes to performing. He brings the Caribbean heat to every and any show. The Energy, is magnifying and the songs are memorable. Over all, the mission is to Entertain not only just to perform. He has been various places like, Australia, Egypt, Aruba, Fiji ,Copenhagen, Notting Hill London and more. "PearlyMusic" is known as feel good music, you will be jumping, clapping and smiling straight to the end of the show.


R&B IS Not Dead
New York City, NY

Angelle is a recording artist, singer-songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in a musical family, she was always encouraged to follow her dream and aspire to great things in life, as well as in music. By the time Angelle was five years of age, she knew that singing was what she wanted to do, and by the age of ten she was writing her own music. Her biggest influence might have been her father, who believed in her dream from the time she was a little girl.