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Shawn Fields

Been doing this a long time

I have been singing for a long time I was raised with out a mom or dad but my grandma and aunt raised me I am 25 years old my name is Shawn grew up in Brooklyn New York and moved to Washington state I love old school music any r&b I can do I love what I do and I can work with anyone I am not picky at all

Maxi Witrak

Open book with a few pages torn out.

After a sheltered upbringing complete with show ponies and controlling mom-ager, Maxi Witrak talks about ditching privilege and going after her teenage dreams as a twenty something. From drumming for a pop punk band to dating with the expectations and fashion sense of a 17 year old raised by brothers, this grunge goddess from Seattle faces adulthood with unbridled disappointment. At the end of the day she’s just a tomboy, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

Sam Ellefson

Stand Up Comedian (Clean)

Sam is a young comedian in the Pacific Northwest. Originally from a Suburb of a Suburb in Minnesota, he shares his experiences and observations that come from being a fairly good-natured, naive person in this world that is not always so innocent and nice. He can perform all clean material if needed and his absurd yet relatable experiences are sure to have you rolling (and at an affordable rate) Sam has a couple of NW Emmy nominations. for his live-streamed show "Late Knight."

Mo Azhari

He’a a Muslim comedian but he’s cleared by TSA.

Mo Azhari is a New York native who grew up as a Muslim in a white Jewish family. if there’s really more you need to know beyond that, he brought his unique perspective to stages across the country, including an audition for NBC’s America’s Got Talent.