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Comedians in San Antonio, Texas

Laughter is good for the soul. Comedians make you laugh. We’ve got comedians (and a lot of them). Start scrolling through Special Guest comedians today- and start laughing as early as tomorrow!

Tori Pool

High school dropout that used to teach high school
San Antonio, TX

A high school dropout that used to teach high school, Tori contends high school is trash so she quit all over again. She was featured on Texas Public Radio’s Worth Repeating, "Alien” and is fresh off of Altercation Comedy Festival held in Austin, Texas. Pool’s comedy focuses on the plight of educators, along with errant thoughts on child rearing/marriage. Admittedly, she’s just a woman that says like, like too much for her age but she doesn’t like notice she does it so like, yeah.

Irma Ruiz

Risa MonaLisa
San Antonio, TX

Aside from moonlighting as a comedian, Irma Ruiz is also a former teacher and is currently a homeschool mom; reasons why she became a comedian! She has been doing comedy for approximately three years and has done a variety of shows mostly in Texas and Vegas, but even as far as a Canadian gig! Most of her material is PG-13, but can be modified to G or R. Topics include married life, being a mom, being a teacher, etc.

Shana "ur Favorite Diva Of Comedy"

Ur Favorite Diva of Comedy
San Antonio, TX

This funny Diva began performing stand-up in 2012 in Knoxville, TN. She moved to San Antonio in 2013 and continued performing her hilarious adult comedy. Giving her funny views on family, friends and relationships both in and around Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Nebraska. She also has a weekly radio show on THA1RADIO Station called “The Shana Show”.

A.j. Garces

A.J. Garces- Comedian/Entertainer
San Antonio, TX

A.J. Garces is a comedian, writer, and actor who's high energy and physical joke telling continues to entertain audiences throughout South Texas . Garces co-host's the Los Angeles based podcast, "Anime Boys" and a co-owner of the sketch comedy duo "Zero & Sidekick".With stories of youth, and unforeseeable situations, Garces continues to expand his own brand of comedy and hopes to take his act nation-wide in 2019.

Bobby Smith Aka B Smitty

Clean Comedian
San Antonio, TX

Comedian Bobby Smith aka B Smitty is a Smooth Comedian with a strong belief that Simple is more especially when it comes to Comedy. Bobby’s laid back style and self deprecating humor connects with the audience from his painful memories of past mistakes that he is still learning from today. Bobby started doing stand-up comedy at the age of 20 in San Antonio, TX. He quickly became a crowd favorite. As a skilled Emcee Bobby has hosted fundraiser events for numerous organizations such as; An