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Ricky Glore

Clean Comedian, Dry Bar, BOB & TOM, IFC, iHeart
Cincinnati, OH

Ricky Glore as seen on DRY BAR COMEDY and heard on BOB & TOM, examines his Midwest upbringing, pop culture influences, napkin thoughts, becoming a dad, and the irrational fear of his wife leaving him, if their cat learns how to make tacos and deliver them to her. Ricky is also the creator/head writer for the IFC Commercials and Twitter @ExplainPlot #ExplainAMoviePlotBadly

L.g. Hillman

call me G.O.A.T 5139032180
Cincinnati, OH

I’m 31 years old I’ve been entertaining for 5 years, still getting my feet wet but I’m better than the average fat guy!! I’m medium ugly with a huggable body! I’m from Cincinnati Ohio the city of lost dreams and dirty streets! I’m a actor comedian all around great guy! I’m pretty dope! I’m engaged to myself with a side chick! they call me LG! go head and book me!!

Michael Crisp - America's Favorite Public Speaker

America’s Most Dynamic Public Speaker!
Cincinnati, OH

Looking for the perfect speaker for your next event? Then look no further than Michael Crisp! Michael is one of the country’s most talented people. He is a bestselling author, award-winning filmmaker, musician and comedian. Michael shares fun, interactive stories about his travels and experiences that are both inspiring and entertaining. for more information, visit MichaelCrispOnline.com.

Samantha Echo

Cleveland's premier Delusional Diva of Drag
Cleveland, OH

Samantha Echo is a self identified celebrity. Samantha is a comedy and glamour Drag Queen and Draglesque entertainer. Samantha is available for both private and public events doing things such as: One woman shows, full cast shows, emceeing, and costume party guest. Samantha Echo is the 2019 Scene Magazine Readers Choice Best: Drag Queen and the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Ohio Burlypicks Master of Lipsync.

Charles Hall Jr

Charles “CJ” Hall
Cincinnati, OH

He’s a young, up and coming Seattle based comic. He was born in Columbus, Georgia and Raised a military brat. Since 2012, He has been doing sketch comedy and improv but His stand up career began in 2018 in Salem, Oregon. Since then he has been featured in numerous shows and competitions throughout The PNW. He’s Known for his unique perspective on life, observations, and experiences as a young father and husband.

Rob Mccloud

Let Me Tell You Some Jokes
Cincinnati, OH

Stand Up Comedian, Marine Veteran and former college football player


Funniest Teen Alive
Cincinnati, OH

I am an 18 year old stand up comedian with funny stories and improv comedy

Sean Hill

I sometimes stand up and do comedy.
Cleveland, OH

Sean Patrick Hill is an American standup/Sketch comedian. Formerly known for “Wasting Your Time” comedy on Youtube (writer/cast), The Connor Kinna Show (writer/cast member) and as host of “The Miami Minute” comedy news.

Marty Pollio

Comedian who incorporates variety pieces
Cincinnati, OH

Tonight Show veteran, Marty Pollio brings his mixed bag of talents to the stage in a unique presentation that has been a favorite of private and corporate buyers for decades. Although 2/3 or Marty's act is stand-up, he incorporates variety pieces into it, which makes the audience feel they are seeing more of a "show," rather than just a stand-up comedian. Marty's act, which is clean and non-political, is carefully crafted for the corporate market - it has great pacing and an energetic closing.


One time seen a homeless man with keys
Columbus, OH

I’m up start comedian trying to make nothing into something wanting to expand my brand and my name just looking for a opportunity to start somewhere so if your looking to book me I’m always available thank you.