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Summer Orlando

CT Premier Theater Queen
Springfield, MA

Known for her Broadway quality costumes, showstopping performances, and her live singing, you can see her all over New Haven, Hartford, NYC, and everywhere in between. Summer is the first male actor to ever play the role of Dorothy in a licensed production of the Wizard of Oz in the world and her most notable work is with her own theatrical production company: 'Summer Orlando Productions. She also Professionally Impersonates Judy Garland, Bette Midler , Liza Minnelli, Katy Perry and more!!!

Ahmond Bond

Coming in Swingin! 👊🏾
Springfield, MA

NBC Invitee/ Mohegan Sun “Last Comix Standing” Quarterfinalist/ Hartford Funny Bone / Funniest Comic in Connecticut Contest Semifinalist


Springfield, MA

IG: Musicbydoc13 FB: Musicbydoc13

Michael Brigante

New York City based comedian
Poughkeepsie, NY

Michael Brigante is a native New Yorker… and it shows. The oft-outspoken comedian, writer and poker player has appeared on Comedy Central and had written for televised award shows such as Showtime’s AVN Awards, Spike TV’s Scream Awards, the American Music Awards, iHeart Radio awards and more. “I’ll hapily perform in any venue that will have me… although, if you’re venue is close to a pizza place, that’s a huge plus!”

Ed Honcho

It's easier Ed than done.
Poughkeepsie, NY

Stand-up comic from Connecticut. Not known for anything... yet. ECSU Theater/Psychology Major NoHo Standup Comedy Festival Submission https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9J54XCOJFM

Scott Higgins

Personal Life Humor That’s Fresh But Familiar
Boston, MA

Scott Higgins could boast the perfect resume for a comedian: in high school thrown out of class for doing a too perfect impression of the teacher; voted class clown; knee deep in torment for impressions of family members at functions. In college, a chance enrollment in a theater class where the professor also did stand up. When the temptation to perform became too much, he step on the stage. Performing regularly since 2002, his everyman relaxed style draws people in, then keeps them.

Somerset Entertainment Services

Comedy Stage Hypnotist- The most fun you will ever have.
Scranton, PA

I perform General audience comedy stage hypnosis shows. 15 years experience. member of the National Guild Of Hypnotist. certified hypnotist.

Bob Montgomery Comedian

Scranton, PA

Bob has been delighted to share stages with Lenny Clarke, Josh Blue, Gilbert Gottfried, Ira Proctor, Tom Papa, Andrew Kennedy, Stephanie Peters and many other wonderful Comedians. He has worked at Catch, Comix, Headliners and theaters throughout the Northeast. Traveling from Western MA, he is available anywhere, and delighted to chat about the possibilities. Check www.bobmontgomerycomedian.com