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Ryan Defrance

Stand Up Comedian
Indianapolis, IN

Ryan is currently a student at the University of Illinois. He performs stand up throughout Central Illinois, currently opening at comedy clubs for different national headliners. You can watch some his stand up here at https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCz-IGQIWd1Q3J3REQ5kcGqg .

Kyle Martin

37 year old comedian
Indianapolis, IN

Its always been a pleasure of mine to make people laugh. For as far back as i can remember. I have 3 beautiful kiddos, and a fourth on the way. I am also engaged to be married a third time. Keep laughing, i enjoy it ✌🏼

Brandon Kuntz

26 year old comedian.
Indianapolis, IN

my name is Charles Brandon Kuntz (pronounced koonts) I am 26 years old and a fresh face to the comedy scene. I focus on making most of my jokes about myself and my struggles with depression. check out my YouTube page “Head first life’s hard”

Cam Wash

I’m here for y’all. If I can be of service, I Will
Indianapolis, IN

I have been acting and doing improv since I was 11 years old I want to Purdue university to study acting and I have been in some major films and TV shows. I was an extra in the highway man, I was featured on NCIS New Orleans and I am most know for WWE. I have done motivational and inspirational speeches for teens and young adults! I’m looking to change the mindset of young Americans so their dreams and futures be be fulfilled!!

Unkle Jojo

Motivated Creative/Host/On Air Personality
Indianapolis, IN

I am hip hop radio jock who spends plenty of time creating content to promote a positive brand (Be Great 2day✊🏽) or (BG2D✊🏽). In addition to that, I am also very much available to host, interview, and have a background in acting and music. If you need a person to entertain a crowd this is something I can definitely do with the right information provided.

Steve Rivera

My Ministry's A Joke!
Indianapolis, IN

A Chicago native who started doing comedy in 2000 working out his craft as a stand-up comedian. His clean, hilariously funny approach to everyday life and point of views always hit the funny in every situation. He is the creator of a clean comedy club called Gutty's Comedy Club where he host and performs every Friday night! a husband to an amazing wife and father of three great kids! ” I’m just a funny guy, who loves to make people laugh, yep it's that simple"

Trey J. Eilers

Indianapolis, IN

As a kid, Trey was pretty quiet and shy so it was a surprise to his family when they found out he was doing stand-up and an even bigger surprise when they found out he was funny. Being from a town of less than 2,000 people he also became a balloon artist, musician, and wood worker in an attempt to escape boredom. Clean but with a dark side, this small town comic has jokes with twist endings that you'll never see coming.