Comedy Show in Miami, Florida

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Cbas Mattar

Its simple, easy to hire, hard to fire.
Miami, FL

What’s up! So you’ve stumbled upon my profile. Well just a quick bit about me, I’m a 25 y/o comic based out of Miami FL. I’ve had a range of jobs in the entertainment field. For example, I’ve worked the production side of a radio network show. But also have gone as far into entertainment as to be one of the entertainment staff members of an NFL team. I pride myself in my work ethic and standards held. I’m willing to explore what you’re seeking and negotiate. Transparent & honest business.

Nick Souffrant Aka Ridiculous

Ridiculous Nick
Miami, FL

South Florida Native Nick Souffrant has been performing Stand up comedy since 2010. He has traveled all around the World, and is Known for taking his unfiltered South Florida lifestyle to the stage on the Nick&Trey show. Nick also has 2 monthly shows at the Miami Improv & the Palm Beach Improv Called Anger Management

Kaycee Conlee

comedian / live host / podcaster
Miami, FL

Kaycee Conlee is a comedian, podcaster, and host. She has opened for Jay Leno, Fortune Feimster, and Preacher Lawson. In 2018, she earned “Best Of The Fest” at the Burbank Comedy Festival. Kaycee performs all over the U.S. sharing her unique perspective and anecdotes as a lesbian with terrible gaydar. She currently hosts the “Not From Here” podcast featuring fish out of water stories and the “Clean Comic” web series where she cleans different parts of her home.