Actors & Actresses in Denver, Colorado

Shooting a commercial or music video and need talent? Add legit credibility to your upcoming project by hiring a professional actor or actress. The perfect person is available below.

Brandy Bryant

Denver, CO

Brandy Bryant is a transgender comedian currently residing in Denver, Colorado. Her comedy is a commentary on the life of a transgender woman juggling work, comedy, and raising kids. She has been featured on shows all over the state and has performed at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Comedy Works, local Denver television channel DOM, and the upcoming Oak City Comedy Festival.

Nancy Norton

Winner of the Boston Comedy Festival
Denver, CO

First woman to ever win the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival. Norton is known for performing engaging and uniquely funny shows that connect with universal truths through her intuitive, authentic, high energy, fast-paced style. Nancy worked as a Registered Nurse for many years and shares hilarious healthcare anecdotes that will leave you in stitches… and really wanting to STAY WELL. Born the 4th of 3 children, yes 4th of 3, Norton thrives on the attention from strangers. She began touring

Scott Mccray

Magical Comic
Denver, CO

Colorado Junior Magician in 1990 at age 15 and by age 17, branded "Illusionation," a touring magic and illusion show, ultimately claiming a talent award in Toronto, Canada. Before legal gambling age, Scott secured a lead entertainer position for Harrah’s Entertainment in the mid-1990s, eventually going solo as a solid corporate-caliber entertainer with his stand-up and strolling close up magic, performing for Fortune 500 company events, NFL superstars, and a past president of the United States.

Jessica L'whor

Internationally known drag queen!
Denver, CO

The biggest whore in Colorado! Jessica L’Whor (or Miss Jessica for all ages) is a multifaceted drag queen in CO! voted CO entertainer of the year, Jessica is perfect for live shows, impersonations, hosting bingo/brunches/shows and more, dancer, live vocalist, makeup artist, raunchy comedian, model, motivational speaker, and more! she’s perfect for every audience and event! Rates are flexible and differentiating depending on time and event!

Denise Winkelman

Denver based stand up comic and freelance model.
Denver, CO

Denise Winkelman is a stand up comedian, podcaster, former professional wrestler, model and a complete hussy. Her style is aggressive storyteller that uses a creative brush. Comedy 2017-present She has preformed at a number of venues in the Denver area. Comedy Festival performances: Femme Fatale Funny Fest-Denver, June 2018. Lady Laughs comedy festival-Wichita 2018 Headliner at the upcoming Art of Female comedy festival-Wichita KS. 2019


Denver, CO

OUTGOING, HUMBLE , ACTIVIST , — NOBINARY I HAVE BEEN IN THE FILM INDUSTRY FOR ABOUT 3 YEARS , CCA is a school I attended for skills behind the filming industry. However, I’ve been in THEATRE for 5 years , grateful and humble for ALL the opportunities that’ve been given to me. FROM PLAYS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL to LOCAL SHOWS NOW ! Dancing has been around for centuries I’ve been dancing for 8+ years , at this moment in life BALLET is my LIFE ! ❤️ (contemporary, lyrical , hip hop , I’m very diverse)

The Wayne Faust Show

Great Music, Comedy, and Improv
Denver, CO

Great music and comedy! Wayne plays guitar and banjo and has a unique ability to make up whole songs on the spot. He comedy is clean and is appropriate for ages 1 to 100. (So far he's not sure about those pesky folks who are more than 100...) After performing during the ski season in Colorado for over 25 years, for people from all over the US and the world, there's virtually no one he doesn't have something to say about! He's a unique, fun, and extremely talented guy.

Conner Roma

Standup Comedian originally from Billings, MT
Denver, CO

Conner Roma started comedy in his hometown of Billings, Montana, where he quickly earned a name for himself by winning the Montana Comedy Competition, before relocating to Denver to gain experience in a bigger scene. Roma derives his humor from past experiences, like the troubles of being the chunky kid on the playground, and from small moments in his every day life. His emotional connection to his material gives Conner a very real and likable presence on stage. He has performed across the count

Dē Kelley

Stand-up comedian/Entertainer
Denver, CO

D Kelley has been performing stand-up all over the country for more than 12 years. He is a regular at the Improv and Comedy Works Comedy Clubs. He brings a unique style of comedy which mixes a variety of material pulled from everyday life, storytelling and impromptu audience interactions.

Alan Bromwell

Denver, CO

Alan Bromwell is a stand-up comedian from Denver, Colorado. He was recently featured as Comic of the Week on Denver’s Comedy 103.1 FM. He was a headlining performer at the 2018 Winnipeg Comedy Festival. He's a regular performer at the Comedy Works, and has performed at many other clubs and theaters across North America. He has worked with many big names in comedy, including Jim Norton, Joey Diaz, Ron White, Dave Chappelle, Mitch Fatel, Roy Wood Jr., Ron Funches, Mark Normand, and Brad Williams.