Bands & Ensembles in Dallas, Texas

Wanna hire a rockstar? Yea you do... or maybe you don’t and are just looking for a Jazz singer (BTW, we think Jazz soloists are total rockstars). No matter the genre or style, the Special Guest band category will not disappoint. Scroll through our talent to book the perfect entertainment for your next big bash (or intimate cocktail party).

Rhett Miller

American Alternative Country

Since the Old 97's roared out of Dallas more than fifteen years ago, they have blazed a trail through alt-country and power-pop, led by the piercingly observant lyrics of lead singer Rhett Miller. Each new Old 97’s record is hotly anticipated, and rightfully so: “Blame It On Gravity,” from 2008, contained some of the band’s most deeply felt and passionately played songs. But in a career full of high-water marks, "The Grand Theatre Volume 1" is perhaps the most ambitious and accomplished set of recordings yet. The album, the band’s eighth, began to come together last year, when Miller was on a solo tour of Europe with Steve Earle. “When I started in this band, I wrote on the road constantly,” Miller says. “But I was 23 then, so everything was new to me. Over the years, those strange and wonderful things have begun to feel more commonplace. On the familiar highways, in familiar hotels, it’s pretty easy to turn into a zombie. But on this tour, I was in England and Ireland and Scandinavia, places where I haven’t spent very much time in, and because of that things seemed somehow fresh. I felt recharged. In these old British theaters, you sit around in ancient dressing rooms filled with these objects that could only be in these ancient dressing rooms. It was all very inspiring instead of tiring.” The result was a set of songs rooted in specific locations. "The title track, which I wrote in Leeds, is like a series of postcards that try to capture the moment of falling in love; it begins in the Grand Theatre, which is a historic venue there, on the elevator. There’s another song, 'Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You),' that I wrote, or at least started to write, while I was walking around in Soho. And a song like ‘The Dance Class’ wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t in Birmingham, trapped in a hotel, looking out at streets that were bleak and gray except for a dance studio across the way. I imagined an agoraphobic who sees a beautiful girl in that studio and fantasizes about being freed by her. Miller’s portraits of love and loneliness are paired with some of the sharpest music the band has ever produced, from the propulsive celebration of “Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You)” to the manic (and almost panicked) energy of “The Dance Class.” There are also moving counterpoints, such as the album’s closer, “The Beauty Marks,” a stark, hushed ballad about a love affair in a London pub.

Anna Stockdale

Country with a little Rock and Americana
Dallas, TX

Based out of East Texas, Anna blends the story-telling of Americana and Country music with Rocky undertones. She has been traveling around Texas for the past 2 and a half years playing her songs from Corpus Christi to Amarillo, and Tyler to Abilene. Anna is most proud of and excited about her new EP that was just released in the Fall of 2019. *Will travel- just ask!

The Cowgirls

Top 40/Alt Rock Live Band
Dallas, TX

The Cowgirls is an alternative rock/top 40 cover band based out of Dallas, TX. Formed in 2019, the full lineup is composed of Taylor Hearne (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Aaron Ingraham (lead vocals/lead guitar), Tyler Kysar (bass guitar), and Taylor Goode (drums). Some of the members met through University of North Texas’ music programs, while some of the members have been playing music together for as long as eleven years. We have a solo,duo, trio, and full band setup--let us know what you need!

Ben Kuykendall

just a musician(?)
Dallas, TX

21, love music, jazz, classical. etc

Jeremiah Mensah

Gospel/Church pianist
Dallas, TX


Cover Down Band

Since 2009, your friendly neighborhood cover band!
Dallas, TX

Energetic, talented & professional - Cover Down is a versatile cover band serving North Texas and beyond since 2009, featuring the best rock, country, jazz standards, old school and top 40 tunes. Their 7-piece lineup includes male and female vocals, sax, keys, guitar, bass and drums, with options for trumpet and trombone. Sound and LED lighting gear are included, as is DJ and emcee services. Custom songs, additional PA and ceremony/cocktail musicians available so you're all set!


Dallas, TX

Fleur, is an indie band from Justin, Texas. locally popular and nationally popular with over 250k+ fans across platforms. Always looking to bring a hype mood or even keeping it mellow.


PrettyKlawz Country Band
Dallas, TX

We hail from Denton Texas Our sounds are inspired by Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell,Tom Waits, and y J.J. Cale to name a few. Our ethos is to learn and perform in many settings as possible; From street busking, family weddings, clubdates, malls, living rooms—you name it. We came to play music. Our histories and experiences come thru in our music. We are laidback and professional and it’s gonna be a good time. We are available to play parties or corporate events. Book us today.

Backhand Sally

Americana/Top 40 Group
Dallas, TX

An Americana group formed in 2013 by founding members Ginger Grace and Brock Hard. Ginger's soulful, powerful voice combined with Brock's folk style and driving, sophisticated guitar create the distinct sound of Backhand Sally. Their music is an infused mix of pop, country, funk & blues blended together with memorable melodies and storytelling lyrics. Along with their originals, they also play a mix of Top 40 hits.

Without Sacrifice

Heavy Band, Metalcore, Rap metal
Dallas, TX

Without Sacrifice started in January 2009 in Wichita, KS as one man’s vision of a band put together to bridge various metal and hard rock genre boundaries. Call it "Nu-metal", "Metalcore", "Rap metal", whatever! We say, we play what we like playing, we write what we enjoy writing, and we don't worry about what the genre is - but it's all heavy! Breakdowns, some blasting, some sweeps, throw in a dash of rap and turntables on top of catchy riffs and you've got Without Sacrifice!