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Adam Lasher

Los Angeles, CA

Adam Lasher is an Artist who was recently featured on the 2015 season and the current Final 2016 season of “American Idol” on FOX. Adam auditioned in New Orleans, performed his original song, and quickly became one of the judges’ favorites. When they asked Adam about a small black case clipped to his guitar strap, Adam shared with a national audience that he has type 1 diabetes and the case was a device that continuously monitors his blood sugar. He is passionate about helping improve other Type 1 Diabetic lives by bringing awareness to new medical advancements in Diabetes. Although Adam is an original artist in his own right successfully paving his way, he is grateful for learning about music and life from his famous uncle, multiple Grammy Award winner, Carlos Santana. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Adam grew up in the Bay Area but started his group “Adam Lasher Band” with his bandmates while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Adam’s original music has also been featured on other series including WE television original series, “My Fair Wedding, CBS televisions “Young and the Restless” and was even impersonated by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show during a Ryan Seacrest interview. Adam’s journey on American Idol came to an end when the Top 24 were cut down to the Top 14. Adam has recently released an album entitled, “These Shoes” available on iTunes.

Errol Bonnick & The Lionz

Electrifying Reggae Act from Kingston Jamaica
Los Angeles, CA

Jamaican born Errol Bonnick started his musical journey in Kingston at the tender age of 17, inspired by his brother Trevor Bonnick, former lead vocalist for the group Blood Fire Posse. Errol was then introduced to Mr. Glen Browne from the great Browne brothers, a family of musicians, songwriters & producers, who quickly noticed Errol’s talent and signed him up as lead vocalist for a group called K.R.U {Knowledge, Respect & Unity}. The group consisted of seven people, including Robert Dubwise Browne, now guitarist for famous artists like Shaggy & reggae group Morgan Heritage; and Richard Shams Browne, now one of Jamaica's top dancehall producers. Errol moved on to perform in cabaret for a number of years across the north and west coast of Jamaica. He was then headhunted by a group called Live Wyya to be their lead vocalist. Since then, the group has won a range of awards and accolades including Jamaica’s Irie FM 2003 Big Break Competition and still is the only group to win that competition. They won the 2004 JFM awards twice for best Show Band & Best Backing Band; competed against 16 of the Island's top Bands and won the Global Battle Of The Bands competition in November 2005 to go on to further compete at London's Astoria Centre in December 2005. As Ambassadors for Jamaica, The Caribbean, Reggae & Rastafari, Live Wyya competed against 24 bands across the world in a musical show down emerging a fantastic 8th position. After compiling their album, Solid Meditation, the group toured the world with the cool ruler Gregory Isaacs. Today Errol, a smooth Rasta rebel, is pursuing his solo career and moving with the spirit of the conquering lion on his path of creating a repertoire of upbeat and uplifting Lovers Rock, Roots Reggae. He is on his journey of weaving his magic across the airwaves with his cultural messages and his mysterious, powerful, commanding, yet very sensual voice that he’s definitely been blessed with. For Bookings Contact: errolbonnick@yahoo.com ** Rates may vary due to venue size & travel **

Adryon De León

Professional Soul, R and B, Jazz, Funk Vocalist
Los Angeles, CA

Adryon de León, born and raised in the tiny artist’s village of Ojai, CA cut her teeth in a Baptist congregation. Over her formative years, musical theater infused de León’s life with the end result a unique theatrical, gritty, and soulful sound. Currently, she is a featured principal vocalist/performer for the Disneyland Resort, has performed background vocals for Macy Gray, Patti Austin, The Growlers, and George Clinton, and is the frontwoman for the acclaimed LA soul group, Orgone.

Nicki Bove

R&B/Soul Pop
Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in Philly, her love for soul music was in her veins. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2010, Nicki continued her journey to the West Coast where she currently works and sings everywhere she can! Nicki has been passionately singing, writing, mixing and creating music for most of her life, including numerous appearances in Philly, Boston, Los Angeles and around the world.


Los Angeles, CA

play stuff for things

Zeal Levin

Singer | Guitarist | Songwriter | Producer | LA
Los Angeles, CA

Zeal Levin is a singer, songwriter, producer, music educator and music historian born and raised in Oakland California. He now lives in LA and performs solo / duo / trio + with his full five piece band Triple Bueno His debut album Sending Fire is out now on itunes, spotify and other online music stores

The Mark Entertainment Group

Only the best will do!
Los Angeles, CA

A classic high energy 8 piece ensemble featuring 2 female vocalists 2 horns and a 4 piece rhythm section. Specializing in the music of today, retro from the 90s through the decades.

Joseph Peck (steel Drums)

Caribbean Brazilian Jazz Duo feat pans & guitar.
Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Peck is a professional steel drum musician with a degree in music education and a focus on world music. He has a unique set of skills, and a drive to inspire young creative minds. Book here today on SPECIAL GUEST for live event (solo, duo, quartet) or for private one-on-one or group steel drum/percussion lesson. Contact for more info.

Kalina & Kiana

Pop Band
Los Angeles, CA

Sibling harmonies were first heard from Kalina & Kiana while they were still buckled into their car seats. School talent shows and experimentation with different instruments eventually landed Kalina on piano and Kiana settled in on guitar. In 2007, they formed an all-girl band called “The Raymies.” Kalina & Kiana were the lead singers and discovered songwriting at 11 and 13 years old. They led The Raymies for three years, as they gained studio and stage experience all over the country, with more than 100 live performances. With the help of Brillstein Entertainment, John Stamos co-wrote and produced a TELEVISION PILOT for Disney that was intended to be a launching platform for the young band. Disney was seeking a show to fill the void that would be left after the final season of “Hannah Montana.” All four major record labels were bidding for The Raymies and their music. When Disney only wanted Kalina & Kiana for the project, and asked to recast the other girls, the deal was scrapped in an effort to keep the band together and preserve friendships. Other members of the group never fully recovered from these challenges and within a few months, The Raymies imploded. Kalina and Kiana dove deep into songwriting and had songs placed in various projects. A year after the breakup, the sisters spent time in Europe, working on another musical television project where they were offered the lead roles. The travel was inspiring, but the development process was extremely slow. While under contract, the girls started a pet project under the alias of “Rocky’s Revival”, (voted Best Indie Band in Orange County). As Rocky’s Revival gained momentum, the sisters were faced their greatest challenge to date – Kalina spent most of 2014 in and out of chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (She is now in complete remission!) Many songs were written during the cancer treatments and they coined the phrase “gigs with wigs,” as Rocky’s Revival opened for groups like The Bangles and Justin Bieber during this challenging season. What didn’t break them, made them stronger. The girls continue to write for other people and projects, including: Zag Animation’s “The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.” The European project finally began production in 2016. Kalina & Kiana passed on the lead roles, but have made guest appearances and continue to write songs for “Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends”, which can currently be seen on Netflix. No longer contractually bound, the girls were able to step out of Rocky’s Revival, as Kalina & Kiana. The focus is pop…“Poetic Pop.” Their high energy lives shows feature musical hooks with lyrics that you’ll be singing by the second chorus. The girls wear their influences on their sleeves, including everything from The Beatles to Broods. Kalina and Kiana are music to the ears and easy on the eyes.

Roman G. And The Odyssey

Check out “Sketches” EP available on all platforms
Boston, MA

Formed from an idea of music with no boundaries, Roman G. and The Odyssey embarked on an innovative music career in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. From the start, Roman G. always knew that music was life’s calling, and set out on a mission to find and become a respected group of musical innovators. The name Roman G. and The Odyssey is synonymous with awesome live performances and mind-blowing recordings