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Wanna hire a rockstar? Yea you do... or maybe you don’t and are just looking for a Jazz singer (BTW, we think Jazz soloists are total rockstars). No matter the genre or style, the Special Guest band category will not disappoint. Scroll through our talent to book the perfect entertainment for your next big bash (or intimate cocktail party).

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The Meadows Brothers

Springfield, MA

"Dustin and Ian Meadows prove that roots music is an unending resource, turning early influences into an engagingly twangy sibling sound all their own." - The Boston Globe Ian and Dustin Meadows are the Meadows Brothers. They share that essential brother-band DNA: a telepathic tightness, the ability to stop and start vocal phrases in lockstep, to fall effortlessly into close harmonies, trade off phrases and navigate together the fresh expression of American roots music they create.


Progressive Folk Act
Boston, MA

Honeysuckle is a progressive folk act that blends older influences and traditional instrumentation with modern effects and inspiration. Comprised of Holly McGarry, Benjamin Burns, and Chris Bloniarz, this Boston based band can frequently be found performing across the country, playing alongside bands like Del and Dawg, The David Grisman Sextet, The Ballroom Thieves, Boy & Bear, Kitchen Dwellers, Sam Moss, The Western Den, John Craigie, Damn Tall Buildings and others.

Goodnight Blue Moon

Americana Roots Group
Springfield, MA

Blending rich vocal harmonies with lush orchestrations, Goodnight Blue Moon has created a sound that is steeped in tradition, yet entirely current. GNBM is known for their energetic, honest, and dynamic live performances, offering a refreshing take on Americana roots music.

Jeff Przech

New England Genre-Crossing Songwriter & Musician
Springfield, MA

"Przech is as Americana as they come and it’s not a dirty word to throw the country moniker around when describing this album. If Przech’s influences were trees he’d have an entire orchard full of some of the greats of the traditional and alt-country movements, as well as varying forms of folk and Americana." - Lonesome Noise

The Carleans

Springfield, MA

The CarLeans are a musical collaboration between singer-songwriters Jim Carpenter (guitar, vocals), Sarah MacLean (guitar, vocals) and Rachel MacLean-Sargent (vocals). Along with bassist Corina Malbaurn, the Connecticut-based quartet blend their diverse musical backgrounds to create a captivating sound that had been garnering much attention from New England to Florida to Texas. Their vast repertoire adapts well to the various regions they tour through (folk, cajun, latin, and americana) . . . at

The Joe Mack Band / The Joe Mack Solo Act

Boston, MA

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, teacher, Joe Mack has a history of performing in a variety of situations for over 30 years. His musical travels have taken him across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. He has also travelled to England where he performed with Gail Moran-Corea, as well as percussionist extraordinaire Hossam Ramzy (Page & Plant, Peter Gabriel, The Rolling Stones, and many others). Joe has also appeared on with stage with "guitar wizard" Steve Via, nationally.


Reggae/rock from the 603!
Boston, MA

Reggae rock band from Concord, NH bringing you original and cover music sublime style!

Jennifer Tefft

New England Music Award Nominee "Best In State"
Boston, MA

2019 New England Music Award Nominee for Best In State, Jennifer Tefft is a fired up, energizing presence who pulls earthy music from its roots and breathes fresh, soulful, rock and roll life into them. Her music combines intense rhythms with melancholy textures and haunting vocals that wind from darkly ethereal to outspoken and upbeat, creating her own brand of Gritty-Lush Alternative Rock. Songs from all 5 of her CDs have been heard on National TV Shows. Solo/Duo/Full Band available

American Elton

American Elton
Boston, MA

Even Liverpool England invited him to sing "Lucy in the Sky" at their official Sgt. Pepper 50th anniversary official celebration ! Specializing in Sir Elton he brings the Rocket Man right to your event with world class costumes , amazing vocals and piano chops always interacting with each audience in a one of a kind show, also featuring state of the art projection mapping as well. A full band with a 4 piece horn section is also available for the asking.Cruise Ships/Vegas/Atlantic City/Legends...

Sun Gun Band (feat. Frankie2tone)

We rock your red shoes to dance the blues.
Springfield, MA

The Sun Gun Band is a blues rooted band which fuses rock, funk, and jazz over a marmalade of fiery and raspy vocals from the talented Brandt Taylor who dresses up your plate with tasty guitar licks and sweet harmonies. It is served with groovy beats and simmered rhythms from the talented Kevin McIntyre and Dylan Butler. Last but not least, Frenchman Frank “frankie2tone” Ngo will flambée your ears with melodic and tasty phrasing on his guitar while Nate Cronin makes harmonic fillings on keyboards