Bands & Ensembles in Miami, Florida

Wanna hire a rockstar? Yea you do... or maybe you don’t and are just looking for a Jazz singer (BTW, we think Jazz soloists are total rockstars). No matter the genre or style, the Special Guest band category will not disappoint. Scroll through our talent to book the perfect entertainment for your next big bash (or intimate cocktail party).

Matthew Sabatella and the Rambling String Band

All-American bluegrass/folk/old-time country
Miami, FL

With vocals, guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and bass fiddle, Matthew Sabatella and the Rambling String Band connect people with music that is woven into the fabric of the United States. Carrying on the tradition of old-time, pre-bluegrass string bands and songsters, they raise the roof with traditional folk songs, fiddle tunes, old-time country, bluegrass, Appalachian music, ragtime, blues, spirituals, railroad and cowboy songs, work songs, sea shanties, reels, breakdowns, ballads, and more. NOTE ON HOURLY RATE: The rate for the first hour is higher than the the indicated Hourly Rate. We can also offer smaller versions of the band at a lower rate.

Shelly Sweetshells

Miami, FL

SHELLY “SWEETSHELLS” , located in Miami is an established Caribbean singer and recording artist. Sweetshells has been the local Miami Carnival act for 5yrs . She performs different genres as a solo artist for shows, Galas, functions, Social gatherings, weddings, funerals, and also sporting events. She has been cited as bubbly, beautiful and ambitious. Her determination to bring appealing music to her friends, family and fans is her true focus. Her music can be found on all digital platforms.