Bands & Ensembles in Denver, Colorado

Wanna hire a rockstar? Yea you do... or maybe you don’t and are just looking for a Jazz singer (BTW, we think Jazz soloists are total rockstars). No matter the genre or style, the Special Guest band category will not disappoint. Scroll through our talent to book the perfect entertainment for your next big bash (or intimate cocktail party).

After Midnight

Time to Swing!
Denver, CO

Award winning clarinetist Roger Campbell leads the hottest jazz band since the Swing Era! Swinging hard since 1997, this extraordinary group of musicians has performed hundreds of concerts around the country for jazz festivals, clubs, weddings, summer concerts, and more. They conquer dizzying charts by the likes of Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Lionel Hampton, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. It's vintage, exciting, danceable, and great fun for listeners of all ages. It's time for After Midnight!

Jesse Maclaine

Music makes everything better!
Denver, CO

Natural born singer Jesse Maclaine was forced to take piano lessons as a teenager, this led her away from a secure career path in musical theater and into a dangerous and exciting life as a professional musician. After 20 years as an indie singer-songwriter she has written over 120 original compositions, self-produced 5 CDs, created dozens of music videos, received glowing accolades from local and national press, had her songs featured on popular radio stations and podcasts, composed/arranged sc

Mellisa Pardini

The Athletic Musician
Colorado Springs, CO

Mellisa Pardini is a young aspiring actress with many unconventional talents. Being a guitar teacher in Japan for three years has helped to inspire her quirky character. Being an amateur Boxer for 10 years with over 30 fights has given her a dangerous edge. She curbs that dangerous side by feeding into her creativity by writing, drawing, singing, and editing her own content.



"Let's make a test, I put my shit in a chest like it's treasure and bury it like we investing in time it takes to see if something's really more or less... come back in years and you can tell me if I made it timeless." Music intends to give the audience a glance into the life of who created it. Hip Hop influences and teaches in ways that most cannot understand but many can absorb. Our intention is to use it as a way to positively affect every person we come into contact with.

Public Safety

Protecting Your Right 2 Vibe

A musical blend of hard rock and driving funk, paired with catchy soulful lyrics, Public Safety is quickly shredding their way into mainstream music. With a top shelf live experience for fans, catchy lyrics, and flowing intricate musicianship being their goal, Public Safety knows how to get any crowd rowdy and movin'. Smooth vocals delivered by frontman Bear Buscher, tasty guitar hooks played by Jimmy Jeter, groovin' bass lines performed by Ethan Desmond, and crispy drums from Lem Williams...

Two Faces West

CRANKIN' Electric Rock & Blues

Two Faces West is a crankin' electric rock n’ blues band that was founded in the small, beautiful mountain town of Gunnison, CO. The trio relocated to the mile high city of Denver in the fall of 2015 where they have burst into the music scene as one of its premier live acts! Their music is described as a fiery blend of rock & blues, which focuses on the roots of blues while expressing its core in pure rock’n’roll, & topping it off with a touch of funk to create a versatile and distinctive sound

Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts

Modern Outlaw Country

Nominee "Outlaw Group, 2018" - Ameripolitan Music Awards "Songwriter of the year, 2017" - Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards (iHeartMedia, Inc.) "Best Country Band, 2017" - Westword Music Showcase Awards "Entertainer of the Year, 2016" - Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame Ryan Chrys