Southern Gospel Groups

Bring a Southern spiritual vibe to your next church event with Southern Gospel Groups. The Southern vibe will bring a different view of worshiping the Lord!

Emily Baran

Singer Songwriter Solo POP/Soul
Orange County, CA

My name is Emily Brimlow, I’ve toured Australia, Canada and parts of the United States with bands and solo.

Le Pap (haiti)

Columbia, SC

From Haiti and Hilton Head Island, DaHaitian Jungle Boyz are the hottest new thing in Reggae and Hip-Hop. Mixing island and down south hip-hop flavors has never sounded as good as it does with this group. Their music makes you think of summer nights in a club just dancing and loosing yourself in the music. Dance is what you will do whenever their songs comes over your radio. DaHaitian Jungle Boyz music is infectious and leaves you powerless to the feel-good vibes. This group is a summer must!

Xavier Sinclair

A Gift straight from God 🙏🏽
St Louis, MO

Xavier Sinclair is the name and playing drums is his game ! Xavier was born in St.Louis, Missouri and has been playing drums since the age of 2 years old and is now 23 born on April 20th 1996 and has had the opportunity to play behind great people such as Kierra Sheard , William Murphy and other local greats here in the city of St.Louis and is now looking forward to work with great people! So if you are in need of a professional drummer this is the guy to call!

Paul Stovall

Man of God First Drummer and Writer
Minneapolis, MN

Grew up playing in the church and listening to all genres of music especially Old School. I played in jazz bands, marching band and other groups throughout school years including college. So I can also read music. I have two Degrees in Music and in Worship Arts. I was MD from the guitar in front and from mainly the drums during college years. I love playing the music meaning complimenting the band so that everyone is heard and enjoying the music. I play all genres I love being versatile.


Gospel Singer available for ministry assignments
New Orleans, LA

I’ve been singing since I was 1 years old.  My mom is a keyboardist, and when she would play I would mimic her and sing along.  I have sung background vocals with some legendary artists such as Twinkie Clark, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Hezekiah Walker, Olanda Draper, Syreeta Thompson (Trumpet Lady), Colorado Mass Choir, Donald Lawrence, Myron Butler, Vashawn Mitchell, Mark Hubbard and many more.

Sherrod Smith

Sherrod Smith
Tampa, FL

I am studying piano at Kansas State University and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Piano in December 2019. I am a Musician/Composer! I write my own music, and I am also looking to play Gigs for different venues. I play drums, piano, bass guitar, organ, and I’m a vocalist. I also give out lessons.... Lessons will vary but..... starting rate $75 hourly

Canon Garcia

Houston, TX

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Enoc Meza

Back Up Vocals and Multi-Instrumentalist
Phoenix, AZ

I have been playing and singing for 10+ years now and I am looking forward to working with you

Shamika Chantaé

singer 🎙 model 👠 hairstylist 💇🏾‍♀️
New Orleans, LA

My name is Shamika Price known to most as Shamika Chantaé. I am a 25 yr old aspiring artist from Durham, NC. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in the church some music is something that has always been around. I’ve been singing every since I could remember, my mom says I came out the womb singing. I am very down to earth, I love people, I love music and I just like to have fun and see people happy.

Daniel Bentler

Professional Keyboardist/Drummer/Instructor
El Paso, TX

I am almost 30 years old, and I was born, able to play the drums naturally as a toddler and by the time I was 12, I began exploring other instruments and really developing my crafts. I am very dedicated to my work, and and my practice. I do work with several different bands and ensembles (various genres) in case you’re looking to hire more than just a pianist/drummer (myself!) Contact me for more info...