Artists in Phoenix, Arizona

What is a true artist and why do you need to hire one today? Scroll the profiles of our artists and discover the amazing talent in this all encompassing category of airbrush and body painters, caricaturists, and more.

Yaboy P.a.

Opened for Migos, Snoop Dogg, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign
Phoenix, AZ

“Ya Boy P.A” is a diverse multi-faceted urban music artist veteran who has a sound and style like no other. He is originally from Detroit Michigan’s Eastside to be exact! Where the belly of the beast will either break you down and rebuild you to be “built to last” or chew you up and spit you out into a third world of irrelevance.

Gabe Kubanda

Gabe Kubanda on tour this fall across the US!
Phoenix, AZ

Gabe Kubanda is an indie pop/rock solo artist, industry speaker/mentor, and creator of the Epic Proportions Tour, a concert tour that builds national recognition and fanbases for upcoming bands by bringing them out on the road with Gabe, providing concerts for our nation’s military, and promoting music education in schools via his Non-Profit “EduMusication” program.

Airryn Jackson

Phoenix, AZ

my rap name is “IamHim?” and you can check out my stuff on SoundCloud if you search my name. I am a self taught musician who knows that song can still be great and not vulgar. I do not use profanity or bad language in my raps because I know that I can be an inspiration. I’m mainly into music, but I love acting too, especially improv. it lets me be creative and think on my feet. but myself put aside, I’m doing this for my infant son, so he can say that his daddy did great things in his own way.

Michael Quest

Solo live music artist - One Man Show
Phoenix, AZ

Michael Quest is a solo recording artist, guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, performer and producer based in Los Angeles whose volume of musical works span over many productive years and is motivated by a passion for music and song and fueled by the dream of creating and performing music for all who will listen, relate and enjoy. Michael has been an active live performer, since 1985 playing 200 + shows a year as a solo act in various venues. Michael's music is original and unique guitar-based.

Jackke Razo

Make up Artist
Phoenix, AZ

Jackke does makeup for a great price and the finish look turns out amazing!