Stunt Performer

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The Most Prettiest Boy On 2 Wheels
Los Angeles, CA

A Young Black African-American From Harlem New York Living In Los Angeles To Pursue His Dreams #BikeLife


live,laugh, Cry vibe.
Los Angeles, CA

new to Los Angeles, all the way from texas. I am. songwriter looking to Wright songs for other artist and an actor as well don’t hesitate to give a call always on the cell 24/7.🙂Downtown K is we’re I am.

Jamil Devul

I have too many talents🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Dallas, TX

Hello my name is Dorian but prefer Jamil. I’m 6’0ft of pure ambition, ready to out work others. I was born in Midland Texas and raised predominantly in Texas also spending Time in states like Washington and Illinois. I’ve always been involved with entertainment since I learned to stand is what my mother tells me. I’ve loved entertaining people not only because it pleases me but others also. I know I would be a beautiful piece to any work of art.

Cody Roy

Boston, MA

I grew up in a small farm town in Massachusetts. At 8 years old I picked up my first trumpet and I never put it down, now at 21 years old I have already played and sat in with local bands such as Brass Attack, in 2016 I was on of 75 recipients in the USA to receive the National Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. I am also a voice actor for the last three years as the Balladeer for the NEO Dukes Hazzard County live action stunt show. I am also a respected singer. Check out my YouTube page for my videos


Los Angeles, CA

A 21 year old from Columbus, OH. Made the move to Cali to further my career. I am a music artist. I write, sing & rap. I have also trained in dance since I was 3, I am an International Thespian & my love for acting runs deep. #Troupe44. This time in Cali has been the hardest trial Ive ever had to face. I am here with no friends or family. Just me & my dream. Most nights I slept in my car for 8 months now I have a room I got working various gig. I won’t quit ever. Period!

Zatina G.

Zatina G., Singer, Actor, Dancer, Musician, Writer
Nashville, TN

Zatina G. is originally from St.Louis Missouri, after se graduated from High School, which was an art school; “Central Visual Performing Arts” she studied Musical Theater and Radio Voice; she moved to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to dive into the underground music scene. Zatina G. was very successful in her endeavors by creating a core fan base, recorded her first album, performed in numerous plays, and landed a television role. Zatina G. is now living in Los Angeles pursuing her acting goals.

Jacob Hall

Orange County, CA

Director Videographer Photographer cinematographer audiologist writer actor painter

Rocs World

Expert Rollerskater/Dancer w/31Years Experience
Miami, FL

With 31 years of skating and dancing behind me, I’m a talented Rollerskater/Dancer who’s done well over 70 different performances including music videos with and without a team. I’m currently in Miami, FL in close proximity to South Beach and I am willing to drive for gigs and other opportunities

Prince P

hip hop/comedian/actor
Atlanta, GA

I’m a young artist out of newnan Georgia looking for my one opportunity to show what I can do I feel like I could be a great asset for any company I’m a hard worker and have a great business mind I’d love to talk business with all of y’all 💯💯

Tyler Gonzolas

The singer/actor you deserve
San Antonio, TX

Musical theatre performer with an internal flame for the arts that won’t be extinguished. looking to branch into all types of vocal and acting performances.