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Nothing captivates audiences of all ages like a great story. Hire a storyteller for your next event, and see why this oral tradition is vital to many cultures!

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“The always hilarious Dave Martinek.”
Baltimore, MD

Dave Martinek is 18 years old and is an alumni of the Performing and Visual Arts program where he studied acting and is currently studying musical theatre at Rowan University. Dave has experience at several theaters throughout Maryland performing both dramas and comedies, where a review states “The always hilarious Dave Martinek”. Of his recent shows his favorite is a comedy that he wrote, directed and choreographed collaboratively with some of his peers.

Akeem Raemon Adams

Akeem Raemon Adams, Baritone
Washington, DC

Classical Baritone singer, actor, voice over actor, narrator. Voice Impersonations. Experience in singing Italian, German, French, Russian, Hebrew, Finnish and Latin.


Here to bring joy to the world
Baltimore, MD

I'm a Kenyan girl with background in stage acting and play and poetry writing. I also was part of an African dance troupe while I was back in Kenya. I'm creative and willing to learn

Elaine Flynn

Historical Impersonator/Speaker
Washington, DC

Elaine has been giving presentations for over a decade in a variety of venues ranging from Thule Air Force Base in Greenland to local senior centers. There is nothing she'd rather do than entertain groups. She has spoken on Voice of America and has appeared on television's "Time Travel in Virginia." She graduated from American University and now lives in Alexandria, Virginia. (On land that was part of the original Mount Vernon Estate.) Elaine has also been a tour guide for over 20 years and docent at many historic homes including Woodlawn Plantation and the Carlyle House. Among the thousands of people who have heard Elaine's insights in the personalities of the historic characters she portrays are VIPs such as Senator Clare McCaskill, Congresswoman Connie Morella, the musician John Tesh, the basketball star Carlos Boozer, and the crew of America's Funniest Videos. Elaine performs as: Hemingway's Wives, Alice Rooselvelt Longworth, Dorothy Parker, and Molly Banneky. "Your presentation was wonderful and historically accurate." — Steve Livengood, Capitol Historical Society "Everyone gave you high accolades for your stellar presentation and you did it with finesse and humor. We enjoyed our journey through the White House and especially hearing about the wonderful history of the wives of the presidents. ... We thank you again and I will definitely refer you to others." — Susie Goldring, Special Emphasis Chair, EPA "We really enjoyed having you here at Thule. You are a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and it really shined through during your presentation. Thanks again for coming." — Mike Hall, Sgt USAF "Thank you so much from all the members of the Regency Women's Club..we were enthralled..." — Pat