Actors & Actresses in Colorado

Shooting a commercial or music video and need talent? Add legit credibility to your upcoming project by hiring a professional actor or actress. The perfect person is available below.

Jaziman Colglazier

Aspiring Actress
Denver, CO

I have always loved the idea of acting and actually doing it. I used to be in plays in high school and did some shows when I was younger. I haven’t dabbled in it in awhile but ready to get back into it. looking for auditions. I hope I get the opportunity to show what I got. I’m a mom of two I’m 25 and just looking to make this a career and do what I love!

Brett Buckley

I’d love to film or take pictures for your event.
Denver, CO

Born and raised in Denver, I have a huge passion for connecting with and giving back to the community. I sell my paintings, love nature and animals, and am striving to continue to be self employed to pay the bills and chase my dreams at the same time.

Katie Longanetti

Aspiring Actress based out of Denver, Co
Denver, CO

Actress born and raised in Denver, Co looking to fulfill my dreams and put my talents to use!

Nancy Norton

Winner of the Boston Comedy Festival
Denver, CO

First woman to ever win the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival. Norton is known for performing engaging and uniquely funny shows that connect with universal truths through her intuitive, authentic, high energy, fast-paced style. Nancy worked as a Registered Nurse for many years and shares hilarious healthcare anecdotes that will leave you in stitches… and really wanting to STAY WELL. Born the 4th of 3 children, yes 4th of 3, Norton thrives on the attention from strangers. She began touring

Jessica L'whor

Internationally known drag queen!
Denver, CO

The biggest whore in Colorado! Jessica L’Whor (or Miss Jessica for all ages) is a multifaceted drag queen in CO! Voted CO entertainer of the year, Jessica is perfect for live shows, impersonations, hosting bingo/brunches/shows and more! Jessica is also a dancer, live vocalist, makeup artist, raunchy comedian, model, motivational speaker, and more! She’s perfect for every audience and event! Rates are flexible and differentiating depending on time and event!

Jd Payne

Professional rapper, actor, and performer
Colorado Springs, CO

JD Payne is a charismatic presence that’s sure to get any crowd on their feet

Seth Roberts

Experienced Actor and Model.
Denver, CO

I have a lot of experience with acting and modeling and recently graduated Barbizon. Looking for Modeling and Acting jobs.

Dē Kelley

Stand-up comedian/Entertainer
Denver, CO

D Kelley has been performing stand-up all over the country for more than 12 years. He is a regular at the Improv and Comedy Works Comedy Clubs. He brings a unique style of comedy which mixes a variety of material pulled from everyday life, storytelling and impromptu audience interactions.

Mellisa Pardini

The Athletic Musician
Colorado Springs, CO

Mellisa Pardini is a young aspiring actress with many unconventional talents. Being a guitar teacher in Japan for three years has helped to inspire her quirky character. Being an amateur Boxer for 10 years with over 30 fights has given her a dangerous edge. She curbs that dangerous side by feeding into her creativity by writing, drawing, singing, and editing her own content.


Denver, CO

2X© pronounced Two Time straight from Denver, Colorado 5280 mile high. She is a triple threat to the music industry she sings, rap, and plays piano. She is the step daughter of Sports Hall of Fame inductee Ralph Simpson of the Denver Nuggets and the step sister of Grammy Winner Singer/Songwriter India Arie. 2X© aka Leah Victoria attended The Denver School of Performing Arts. Also signed with TruTV Network casted and booked for series Laff Mobb Laff Tracks