Actors & Actresses in Arizona

Shooting a commercial or music video and need talent? Add legit credibility to your upcoming project by hiring a professional actor or actress. The perfect person is available below.


Phoenix, AZ

I specialize in acting and improv acting & I’ve had experience on movie sets like “Superfly” “Greenleaf” More. I’m also a musician and I make my own music & I have no problem performing other music! Ima great host I can keep a party going. Let’s just say I get it done no matter the complications!

Cesar Cristerna

about me (:
Phoenix, AZ

Hello my name is Cesar Cristerna and I am a 21 year old aspiring actor. I am based out of Tempe, Arizona! I am new to acting and would like to book auditions for roles.

Ishmial Green

Comedian Actor
Phoenix, AZ

19 year old Arizona Phoenix talented


up and coming artists R&B singer & songwriter
Phoenix, AZ

My name is Trent Warnsley I’m 27 I’m a singer currently working in behavioral health but looking to take off on my Singing career I almost love acting it’s always been a big passion of mine but I never had an opportunity to show my talents and I wanna get started before it’s to late


Let me show you what I got
Phoenix, AZ

My name is Aaliyah Baldwin, I’m 19 years old. I’m a creative person like singing, dancing, and also acting with my siblings. I can handle any task that comes to me and I do it while having fun. I’m a friendly and honest person and I get along with kids and adults.

Jodi Rollins

A triple threat. Singer, MC, Motivational Speaker
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Look no further I am a triple threat. Motivational speech is geared toward your audience. Singer for all types of occasions or MC for all types of occasions! I am dedicated to excellence and my services are top notch.

Jae Beau

Music Artist/Dancer/Choreographer/Songwriter
Phoenix, AZ

Originally this music artist is from Buffalo NY. Studying at the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts for Voice where he studied musical theatre, choral, gospel and classical. After studying there from 6th grade to 12 grade he later graduated and went on the State University of New York where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in music while minoring in dance.

Airryn Jackson

Phoenix, AZ

my rap name is “IamHim?” and you can check out my stuff on SoundCloud if you search my name. I am a self taught musician who knows that song can still be great and not vulgar. I do not use profanity or bad language in my raps because I know that I can be an inspiration. I’m mainly into music, but I love acting too, especially improv. it lets me be creative and think on my feet. but myself put aside, I’m doing this for my infant son, so he can say that his daddy did great things in his own way.


Justin a regular dude from Peoria wildin out
Phoenix, AZ

My name is Hntr Jmz (pronounced "Hunter James" and I'm from Peoria, Arizona. I rap, act, model and host. Performing is literally my favorite thing in this world there's nothing better than hearing people scream out of pure joy after I performed a crazy set standing on furniture, jumping off of bars and spitting uplifting music 😁.

Ben Lewis

Comedian for hire
Phoenix, AZ

Ben is a calm performer who's jokes sneak up and attack you, like a mugger. But like a mugger that steals your laughs. With a mixture of life stories and perspectives, Ben offers a fun way to view the awkward and uncomfortable topics of life. A regular at The Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy club, Ben has hosted and opened for some of today's up and coming comedians such as Michael Malone, Comedian Shang, Billy Bonnell and Vincent O'Shana.