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Brando Bogart

Spoken Word Poet, Rapper and Host.
San Antonio, TX

Brando aka Clones3k is a creative who’s passionate writing made him a mainstay in the spoken word scene in San Antonio. In 2018, He was asked to be a speaker at Gemini Inks’ Writing Conference. He’s won Puroslam, a nationally recognized weekly spoken word competition. He’s performed, featured and hosted countless venues from 2nd Verse, Blah Poetry Spot, PWA The Web House and many more. Prolific writer so can perform for any crowd. Book him for your event today!

Michael Stansbury / Stand Up Comic / Jazz Trumpet

Funny, hard working and plays well with others!
Austin, TX

Greetings: I am a NOLA boy, with Texas tendencies. I was raised by my 60's radical, flower-child Mom, who decided to move back to her home town. Combine our redneck relatives, with a whole lot of DDT and you have the genesis of my comedy perspective. I have worked throughout TX, the South, and the Southwest. I was recently a finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin contest. In addition, in high school, I was voted the most likely to talk about himself endlessly, in front of strangers!

Comedian Tai Nguyen

Stand up comedian Tai Nguyen
Austin, TX

Hello!! I'm Tai Nguyen. A stand up comedian in Austin TX that brings the joy of laughter into your heart. I've been featured on The Austin Chronicle, sold out Stateside Paramount and have over 2 hours of materials.

Solaris The Hii Priestess

Tarot & astrology
Austin, TX

I am Solaris and I offer tarot and astrology readings in Austin Texas but also online via FaceTime and also over the phone. If you ever need guidance about a job , or what your purpose is I got you ! or if you just need clarity or you have a yes or no question that’s you would like to ask I am here to help. If you have never booked a reading with me your first reading will be half off of my original price. I offer a list of services including : •all about you reading •love reading •career

Nay Babii

San Antonio, TX

Nay Babii (also known as Jessica Ngan) is a Denver native. She is an American femcee, model, actress, and socialite. Jessica grew up with many talents. At the age of 8, she was a ballet and tap dancer. At the age of 9, she was a gymnast. At the age of 10, she began playing the piano. Nay Babii always had a passion to become a lawyer or somewhere in the entertainment industry. At age 11, she started singing and dancing and entered her 5th grade talent show. As years passed, 13-year-old Nay Babii, signed up at “John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center” to study and improve her modeling skills. At the age of 14, Nay Babii was offered a singing contract in Florida but due to her age, she decided that her education was far more important. After graduating high school to present, Nay Babii continues to model. Nay Babii has been involved in multiple main stream projects. Backed by producer Helluva’s aggressive, bass booming sonic foundation, Nay Babii makes her debut to the music world with a darkly melodic, intense, energetic vocal delivery. Nay Babii displays her confident, rhythmic flows with a range of styles from rapid-speed rhyming to more solid and deliberate lyrical expressions onto her more soulful singing during the hook. Independent women with an urban attitude will gravitate toward this jam for it’s “in-your-face, I don’t need a man” attitude. Nay Babii means business and she’s here to prove it.

Tyler Brunner

Singer/Songwriter Actor
Austin, TX

Austin based vocalist BA in Music from Salisbury University Intern for Flying TV NYC

Shariffa Nyan

Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer
Austin, TX

Inspired by the likes of artists that range from CeCe Winans to Bob Marley, Shariffa Nyan aims to create music that crosses not just cultural, but religious, socio-economic, and racial barriers. Shariffa Nyan stays busy performing, interviewing and actively working in her community through outreach and volunteer work. She has wowed crowds singing the National Anthem for the Seattle Mariners and performing at various community festivals as well as concerts and fundraisers. Shariffa Nyan can be found featured on songs by gospel hip-hop artists such as: Dice Gamble, Genuine Life, RTL, Vell Vett, Willie Will and rising star DJ Em-D, just to name a few. Keep an eye out for this break-out artist as she continues to make big waves in the music scene!

Jeff Jenkins

Motivation Speaker & Travel Influencer
Austin, TX

A native of Florida, but currently residing in Austin, Texas, Jeff Jenkins is an up-and-coming inspirational and motivational speaker. He is the founder of Chubby Diaries, which is an online platform for plus size travelers that encourages and motivates people like himself to travel the World and live their best life now! He has been to over 30 countries writing and creating videos. He realize that his story can inspire anyone no matter age, body type, or race. Jeff Jenkins would be a hit at your next event!

Sarah Johnson

Austin, TX

Sarah Johnson is the guitarist and vocalist from the band Rookie Ranger. She enjoys playing all types of music and having a good time.

Dj Qdiesel

I Rock a Party!
Austin, TX

DJ QDiesel is a Producer, DJ, and Music Enthusiast. He spins a sonic catalogue that can take you anywhere you want to go! DJ QDiesel is a fan of House and Electro but all genres are available!