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Benjamin Savaii

Reno, NV

My name is Benjamin (Benji) Savaii. I am of the Samoan decent. 28 years of age. I've done a few plays back in High School and also a few of my comedy videos for social media went viral as well. I'm looking for a break through in acting as it's been a D R E A M of mine for years! Although I've taken very little classes on acting, I'm still a professional at it. I'd say it's natural. I have all the emotions and I can play various roles. :)

My Acoustic Heart

Capturing the listener, one melody at a time.
Reno, NV

Formed in the desert, persona Jimi Revolver AKA My Acoustic Heart got his first taste of the stage at the age of 5. His eventual music awakening came at the age of 11 when he received his very first drum set. He split the bill with his parents and the rest still lives today. With a family full of music history, M.A.H embodies the passionate artists of old while crooning a modern folk style. Truly a music experience!