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4 Tips On How to Plan For a Birthday Party

There are many kinds of parties and reasons for celebration, but a birthday party is the most universal occasion to get together with friends and family. Everyone has a birthday, and many people like to celebrate making it through another year.

Planning for the perfect birthday party is easier said than done, but Special Guest can help you along. We offer live entertainment options to people from across the country. No matter where the birthday party you are planning is taking place, the artists and performers on Special Guest can bring the entertainment!

We have prepared a quick list of some of the most important things to consider when planning a birthday party for just about anyone. Whether it is a first or 80th birthday, these tips can come in handy. Check out these four tips from Special Guest on how to craft a successful birthday party experience!

1. Pick the Right Venue

One of the first things you should take care of when brainstorming is to pick a venue that comfortably fits all of the guests you plan on inviting. Some places are easily accessible, like a bowling alley or a public park, while other sites may be complex, such as restaurants with no private rooms or a single unit in an apartment building. Before getting too far into the process, make sure you pick a venue and contact the people in charge of that venue early on. Once you have a place booked, you can move on to the rest of the process.

2. Surprise Party or Not?

What may seem like a simple decision significantly affects your party planning process. If it is not a surprise party, you can let the subject know when and where their party is happening. They may have been the one who suggested a party in the first place. On the other hand, you will need to be much more secretive with your plans if you plan to host a surprise party. Not only can you not let the subject know about the party, but you need to trust your guest list not to spill the beans. Tread lightly if a surprise party is in the cards.

A collection of lit cupcakes are shown at a birthday party

3. Set a Budget for Yourself

To ensure you do not spend more money than you have on a birthday party, set clear budgetary parameters for you and your fellow planners. Having an awesome birthday party on a small budget is more than possible, so don’t feel you need to break the bank to be a great host. Take a look at what party supplies you and the people close to you already have so that you don’t have to spend any extra money on unnecessary items. For example, there’s a decent chance someone close to you has paper plates and plastic silverware. Rather than buying supplies that will look awkward in any non-birthday party context, ask around and see if you can get some of the smaller stuff for cheap or free.

4. Create an Awesome Guest List

Arguably the most crucial part of any party planning process is creating a guest list that will satisfy the guest of honor. If it is not a surprise party, ask the subject of the party who they would like to be invited to their party. If it is a surprise, ask the subject’s friends to throw out a few guest ideas that may be of interest. In either case, do not rely solely on your own judgment to create the best guest list possible.

Plan a Birthday Party with Special Guest

Special Guest can hook you up with excellent entertainment options for your birthday party. After all, no party is truly complete without the presence of live entertainment. Check out everything we offer so that you can craft a great birthday party!


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