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15 Fundraising Event Ideas for 2022

The spread of a bake sale is laid out

Are you the one in charge of pulling together money for an upcoming event? You’ll need to fundraise. Here are 15 easy fundraisers you can try! This article is part of a series of articles written to help guide and inform the process of booking LIVE entertainers for your special event.

15 Fundraising Event Ideas for 2022

If you are hosting an event, from a community event to a private corporate event, you will likely need to raise some money to put it on. Finding the right fundraising opportunity will depend on several factors, all of which must be carefully considered.


Before deciding which fundraiser option is ideal, consider the crowd the event will attract. If you are holding an event that calls for the participation of your coworkers, you may want to run a poll to see what kind of event they’d be interested in hosting. The worst-case scenario would be to host an event that people have no interest in volunteering for.


With this in mind, Special Guest can help you arrange for certain aspects of your fundraising event. While you are running around making sure the fundraiser is running smoothly, you will need a way to ensure your guests are entertained. That’s where Special Guest’s services can come into play. Check out these 15 fundraising event ideas and begin planning your fundraising activity!

1. Auctions

An in-person or online auction is a great way to fundraise quickly without breaking the bank. It’s also a unique option that most people probably have not participated in before. Consider this option if you want to expand your company’s entertainment horizons, and consider hiring an actor to serve as the auctioneer.

2. Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love cookies? A bake sale is the perfect fundraising opportunity if you have an arsenal of volunteers who can bake. It’s a low-maintenance option that will almost certainly turn a profit and satisfy the sweet tooths of everyone who strolls by.

3. Car Wash

For those who live and work in warmer climates, a car wash fundraising event can be both practical and fun. Assuming you and your collaborators are not afraid of a fair amount of labor on a Saturday or Sunday, consider doing the drivers of your area a favor and unleashing the squeegees.

A man scrubs the exterior of a vehicle during a car wash

4. Change Drive

Recently, the concept of carrying change around in your pocket has swiftly gone out of style. A great way to relieve that extra weight is to hold a change drive, where you and the community can bring their loose change to a central location. While coins are not considered especially valuable these days on their own, you’ll be surprised by how quickly they add up.

5. Cocktail Party

A cocktail party can be used to find donors for your event. These donors, considering the occasion, will have a bit more disposable income to spend, and, in turn, you will not have to rely on smaller donations from those who might not have as much to give. If you can convince the guests that your cause is worth buying into, a cocktail event can pay off handsomely.

6. Dancing Competition

Do you like to dance? If you don’t mind recruiting people to participate, a dancing competition might be a fun way to bring the community out for a fundraising event. If you can’t find the talent to participate, check out Special Guest’s dancer page to explore some professional options. That same page may even lead you to find some qualified judges.

7. Golf Tournament

Living in an area with well-kept golf courses can open up a wide range of fundraising opportunities. It might be wise to host a golf tournament if you have the base funds to rent a course out for the day. Many golf courses are also attached to restaurants and bars, so be sure to inquire about how the daily profits at those establishments can be distributed. 

8. Open House

If your fundraiser is in direct service of your business or company, open the doors to your place of work and let the community see what you do. Hosting an open house for your company is a great way to expose the community to your work and will leave them more inclined to donate to the cause. To add some intrigue to the open house event, consider booking a live band to add some sound.

9. Raffle

One of the more basic fundraising options available is a raffle. Basket raffles are especially common and can work in tandem with many other events listed here. The basket creation process could conceivably be done by one person, depending on the size of the raffle, and people can get excited about the prospect of winning something at the end of the event.

10. Recycling Drive

In many communities, recycling is a great way to collect extra cash. In addition to its well-established environmental benefits, a recycling drive is also an excellent fundraising option. In a single day, direct your fundraising collaborators and the local community to bring their recycling cans to a central location. From there, take the goods to a local recycling station and get rewarded.

11. Singing Competition

Possibly a more comfortable competitive arena, a singing competition is similar to a dancing competition in that it allows people to share their talents and entertain guests. Special Guest has a wealth of singing options that, like their dancing counterparts, can either participate or serve as judges.

12. Speaking Events

Special Guest can be the perfect outlet for finding a motivational speaker that can rally a crowd and share their story. Consider booking an event speaker that will work particularly well for your expected audience, as the options available on Special Guest touch on a wide range of topics.

13. T-Shirt Sale

Rally people to your cause by selling t-shirts. You can contribute to your community’s wardrobe while expanding your brand’s reach. Try to work out a deal with the printer to save on the cost. Some shirt print shops will drop the price if you buy in bulk.

14. Talent Show

Using the resources on Special Guest that have been laid out, you can create quite an impressive cast of talented people to compete with one another. Talent shows are a great way to bring the community out for a night of entertainment. Search by location on Special Guest to find talented people in your area.

15. Walk-A-Thon

Like a recycling drive, a walk-a-thon event is a fundraiser for a good cause while simultaneously being a good cause itself. A walk-a-thon gives people an excuse to exercise and get a good amount of steps in while interacting with their neighbors and the community.

Special Guest Can Help You Develop Fundraising Event Ideas

Special Guest can provide a little pizzazz to any of these 15 relatively easy fundraiser ideas. Check out the full range of entertainment options we have available. There’s sure to be an entertainer who checks all the boxes you are looking for. Start exploring today!

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